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Rainbow Bookmarks

I really love my laminator, it is so useful! Apart from preserving the children’s awards and other valuable mementos, it makes creating unique and durable bookmarks a breeze. 477 more words


Cardboard Roll Trees

Making play trees is quite easy using some simple materials, such as cardboard rolls, tissue paper and streamers. Using cardboard rolls of different length or width can make an even more interesting forest of play trees. 519 more words


Pumpkin Coasters

The pumpkin invasion has begun! The supermarkets are full of them and with Halloween round the corner we felt that the mighty pumpkin is such an autumnal favourite that we should give it a little recognition, and as we needed a few coasters this seemed the perfect combination……. 149 more words


The most wonderful time of the year

I love Autumn. I love the colours, I love all the leaves on the tress falling, I love walks in the woods, I love wearing jumpers and boots, I love sitting indoors all warm and cozy when it is raining and windy outside, I love fireworks and bonfires, and most of all I love the lead up to Christmas. 331 more words


Top 5 Pumpkin-Themed Makes!

With Halloween peeping its scary little face around the corner we’ve been scouring the Internet looking for spooky inspiration for crafts and bakes. As our Little Buttons are a bit young to appreciate the ghoulish fun of the festivities we thought we would pick 5 pumpkin-related projects. 119 more words


Knitting For The Boyfriend!!

Few days ago, I told S. I wanted to knit a blanket (I was all pumped from Lynne Knowlton’s post here) and he went like “Oh nice, why don’t you make it for me? 180 more words