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Madam S'Ate in Elements (kowloon)

Food prices were high so I had large expectations.  The outside patio is strictly self serve, they can’t serve you alcohol nor food but they are able to put out their own chairs and tables.   492 more words


Intro to beer reviews

The main reason I set up this blog is to catalog and review the beers I plan on drinking.  I know what I think about a beer when I am drinking it but I didn’t really know how to express these tastes and feelings into words that others can relate to.   500 more words


Almanac Farmer's Reserve Blackberry Arrives in Late April

The season of sour continues! Almanac Beer Co. is unleashing another one of their popular barrel-aged Farm to Barrel beers in late April, as Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry… 122 more words

Beery News

Abbey Belgian Style Ale a Religious Experience

Abbey Belgian Style Ale has taken her vows and joined the Dominion Brewing Pinup Series.

The first person to ever record the preservative powers of hops in brewing was a nun. 161 more words

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Bottle Trade | Ep. 87 | With Great Beer Comes Great Accessibility

The concept of bottle trading isn’t new to the craft beer community. But, just like craft beer, it’s becoming more approachable and accessible than ever before. 90 more words



Brooklyn Lager I like.  When I drink it I feel like I’m in The Strokes – or at best a thirty something, pale white man who harbours dreams of visiting New York again soon.

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New Zealand Trip

Two weeks in New Zealand as a photo blog.

Craft beer tasting. New Zealand make some fine craft beer. This pokey little place was in Ponsenby. 203 more words

New Zealand