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Dear Craft Mom Bloggers,

You inspire me to try your projects. You make them look easy with your step by step instructions. Your perfectly clothed children sitting on your freshly covered sofa, your latest successes among many. 46 more words

Floro and Finse's wondrous autumn

Every so often I feel like painting a picture, creating an image where everything is possible. My crochet animals are the perfect theme for these illustrations, as I can make them come alive in a fairytale world. 165 more words


Peek-a-Boo Wooden Puzzle

My Little Button is at an age where wooden puzzles have suddenly become fascinating to her. Her Grandpa and I simultaneously came up with a craft project idea based on her new-found love, to create a customised ‘peek-a-boo’ family puzzle. 656 more words


Who's Your Inspiration?

Obviously, as we go through life lots of people inspire us in lots of different ways, but when it comes to your business – to creating, making, drawing – who are your biggest inspirations? 437 more words

Craft Blog


I was so lucky to be able to participate in the stART on the Street Festival for a third year in a row this past Sunday! 414 more words


My Favourite Craft Blogs

Good Morning Crafters,

I thought in this Blog post, I would pay homage to some of the Blogs that really inspire me and that helped create the brand of crafter that I am today. 131 more words


The Great British Bake Off - Pies & European Cakes Challenge

I need to fill you in about two weeks of my Great British Bake Off Challenge. I suppose the reason this post has taken a while to write is because they were both – well – rather bad weeks. 328 more words