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How Journaling Helps Me Write Novels

Keeping a journal helps me be a better writer and storyteller. I confess I’ve not been a consistent diarist my whole life. There were times I filled notebook after notebook (I’m old enough to predate the internet age, ain’t that some shit, huh?). 699 more words

Craft Of Writing

Monday Advice from Editors and Agents: The Magic of Micro-Tension

According to literary agent Donald Maass, “the most important technique for fiction writers to grasp” is Micro-Tension.

Now I read a lot of books about the writing craft and attend workshops whenever I can. 762 more words


Soft and Strong

A glance at the label of the generic brand of bathroom tissue I use (yes, I dare to go there) got me to thinking. I can see the value of softness and strength in bathroom tissue. 737 more words


Nobody Told Me Writing Would Do This To Me

Over the course of watching a movie, you may come to feel enough for a character that you feel a bit damp in the eyes if it dies. 320 more words

Craft Of Writing

12 Things I've Learned Writing the First Draft of My First Fantasy Novel

I’m finally done with my first draft and it’s currently over 100k words. Here’s a few things I’ve learned. I don’t think you’ll find any advice here. 1,560 more words

Craft Of Writing

Help! How can I get this thing started?

Where, or, more accurately, how do you start a mystery novel? Certainly not with the familiar dark and stormy night, the now-cliched beginning penned 185 years ago by British novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton. 731 more words

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Sex and the Shadow

Shadows are where danger lurks. Shame is in the shadow of every single life. And sex includes shame for so many of us. Makes sense, then, that one of my problems as a writer has always been with sex. 701 more words