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Live what your tattoo says

The tattoo on the underside of my left wrist already mocks me. Maybe it started mocking me before the ink ever set and mingled with my skin and veins, before the needle ever started buzzing and I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t have to watch the artist mark my skin with the word that, now, I can’t ever escape even if I tried: “Write.” 896 more words


How to Keep the Lovers in Your YA Novel Apart

I’m not going to try to deny it. I love a great love story. Romeo and Juliet, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, Katniss and Peeta. The problem as a YA writer, though, is that there are only so many good reasons that an author has to keep the lovers in the story apart. 832 more words

Craft Of Writing

How to look more professional

Want to know the simplest way to look more professional in your writing? Ultimately, my friends, it’s all about style.

I’m not talking here about grace or glamour, nor the seemingly effortless ease with which chic beings glide among us. 443 more words

Craft Of Writing

Writers' Conference - Day Two

The day was packed full of information. Following morning worship there was a General Session on Reaching Readers and a panel discussion on Marketing and Social Media. 296 more words

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Mining The Past to Gild The Present: How I Got Here

by Ron Hayes

We are all, every one of us, the sum of our parts. Each of us carries around with us the bits and pieces of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen and the people we’ve known. 1,072 more words

Ron Hayes

Experts Talk: Danielle Smith, 330 Media

We continue our series “Experts Talk” with a conversation between speaker, author, and digital storyteller Danielle Smith and Bookgirl founder Aliza Sherman. Danielle is Aliza’s co-author on two books: … 957 more words


The Virgin's Promise - Kim Hudson: Part Three

In this third and final blog installment – The Thirteen Steps of the Virgin’s Promise – taken from Kim Hudson’s book The Virgin’s Promise… 990 more words