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Crafty: Crochet blanket mark 2

Earlier, I wrote about how I was dismantling the very first blanket I made in order to rescue some wool. Well I thought I’d post an update on the progress. 111 more words

Crafty Projects

B is for...

…blogging (mostly) about DIY and craft projects.

…beginning anew! Welcome to the first post in my newly birthed blog :)

…beautifully crafted items.

…bombed projects (it happens, c’est la vie!) 9 more words


Closet Makeover

In all honesty, I should have written this post a long time ago. For some reason, I kept thinking I did. Then, I kept putting it off because of school or work. 437 more words

DIY Projects

A bear, however hard he tries, gets tubby without exercise.

I am getting so behind on my sewing updates, and have decided just to go out of order until I can get all the photos taken and uploaded. 396 more words

Craft Projects

Washi Tape DIY

Let me make something clear right away.  I LOVE washi tape.  LOVE it!  It is so pretty! So colorful!  So fun!!  I try to use it whenever I can because it is just so versatile!   379 more words

Diy Gifts

Bottle Cap DIY crafts

I am a big fan of any craft project that is quick, easy, and high quality.  I have spent years and years dabbling in crafts and I have found that projects that are simple, efficient and relatively cheap are the types of crafts I like to play with.  305 more words

Diy Gifts

A New Wreath For Spring!

The wreath hanging on my front door has been there for 6 months, and it is starting to look pretty daggy.
Made from patty cake pans, beads and the petals from a bunch of fake flowers, it has faded and been damaged in the weather. 112 more words