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Cora Turns TWO

I’m finding watching my children’s little years fly past me at a rapid speed these days.

Cora, my youngest, turned T-W-O on July 12th. While I was planning her party there was a point where I was in disbelief that she could already be hitting this major milestone of becoming a toddler. 363 more words


Whitewashed Faux Pallet Wall & Office Update

My dear readers,

Let me tell you. This summer has been a good one. I have been busy living and enjoying life, family, and friends, so house projects/this blog have suffered. 735 more words

Home Details

Next project under way

Hello everyone

Our next project is underway, with Barley watching keenly and Pickle ready to make the measurements.

Any ideas what we are planning?

Cards For Boys

If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.

After the camisole, I decided to try a new pattern that I’d heard a lot about on other blogs – the Afternoon Blouse from Jennifer Lauren Vintage. 348 more words

Craft Projects

Darby Smart - Cat Photo Magnets

Darby Smart is a company that has various different DIY craft boxes, as well as a monthly subscription box. The monthly subscription box is a random DIY craft picked, but you can order the other DIY boxes at any time. 381 more words

Craft Projects

Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.

So you may have guessed from my earlier posts that I have a problem with expensive fabric and luxury haberdasheries? Well, helloooo Liberty sale. 

But look how beautiful they all are! 461 more words

Craft Projects