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Halloween crafts for kids: DIY Crepe Paper Mummies

This is a fun Halloween craft for the kiddos, though I had a lot of fun making these goofy, Crepe Paper Mummies. The supplies are pretty basic, and as long as you supervise the kids when they’re using the plastic knife, this is a Halloween craft the kids can make on their own. 504 more words

Craft Tutorial

DIY Deco Tape Drawing Pad

This simple yet pretty drawing/writing pad is super easy to make :)

You Will Need:

  • regular tape
  • stapler
  • paper
  • deco tape
  • scissors
  • pens/markers/crayons/colored pencils
  • glitter (optional)
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At last, DIY Cheesecloth Ghost success, and a Glow-in-the-Dark, Duct Tape Ghost Wreath

Cheesecloth ghosts – not such a new idea. Glow-in-the-dark Halloween duct tape? Now that’s a new idea and super-fun, too. I love an easy duct tape craft, and when I saw the duct tape with glow-in-the-dark ghosts, I knew I had to make a new Halloween wreath. 695 more words

Craft Tutorial

The Regeneration Project, Wendy Goldstein & Sue Lennox

Turn on, tune in and drop out. The average American child spends 44 hours a week watching TV, whilst Australian kids spend twice as much time watching TV than they do reading a book. 234 more words

Everyone’s favorite Halloween crafts

I have my favorite crafts here on Crafts ‘n Coffee, and many of them are Halloween crafts. My favorite Halloween crafts are not-scary — no blood and gore, please. 218 more words

Craft Tutorial

A corrugated cardboard craft, and the winners announced

It’s the first day of fall, and the perfect day to share these pretty, paper pinecones. These DIY paper pinecones will be a beautiful, understated addition to your fall décor, and will make elegant Christmas ornaments, too. 559 more words

Craft Tutorial

Candy Corn Crafts Week: Glittered Candy Corn Door Decor

I’m wrapping up Candy Corn Crafts Week with this masked man (but don’t worry, this is definitely a non-scary Halloween decoration). I know for a fact that this is a quick and easy DIY Halloween decoration – I cut, painted and glittered this mega candy corn in a 30-minute window between errands. 504 more words

Craft Tutorial