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Candy Corn Crafts Week: Glittered Candy Corn Door Decor

I’m wrapping up Candy Corn Crafts Week with this masked man (but don’t worry, this is definitely a non-scary Halloween decoration). I know for a fact that this is a quick and easy DIY Halloween decoration – I cut, painted and glittered this mega candy corn in a 30-minute window between errands. 504 more words

Craft Tutorial

Marshmallows & Edible Markers

Edible. Markers. Sounds as compatible as Chalk. Cheese.

Instructions on the back read “Ideal para Queso”…. ideal for cheese. Yes, remarkable, doodling on cheese, so why not on marshmallows, which is what we did and will do often over the school holidays. 53 more words

Candy Corn Crafts Week: DIY a sweet Candy Corn Wreath

Some days, I feel like I’m living in the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. After I made the Glittered Candy Corn… 440 more words

Craft Tutorial

Candy Corn Crafts Week: Glittered Candy Corn Garland DIY

If you’re looking for kid-friendly Halloween decorations that aren’t scary or gory, then you can’t go wrong with candy corn. Today’s Glittered Candy Corn Garland… 505 more words

Craft Tutorial

Flying Monkeys

Unleash the monkeys!

With face of blue and silver fur, the flying monkeys of the 1939 The Wizard of Oz film copped a bad wrap. With no back story we assume these miscreant feathered mammals are bad to the bone. 51 more words

Candy Corn Crafts Week: DIY Glittered Candy Corn (and a giveaway!)

It’s Candy Corn Crafts Week! This week is all about making Halloween crafts with a candy corn theme. I love candy corn crafts almost as much as candy corn itself, and I’ve made candy corn with… 586 more words

Craft Tutorial

Schrödinger's cat

Curiosity killed the cat… some of the time.

Back in 1935, there was a widely accepted theory amongst physicists when it came to teeny, tiny things not visible to the eye. 171 more words