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Tin Foil Craft: A to Z Challenge 2014

Yesterday it was gold that ruled, and today it is silver; silver as in Tin Foil or Aluminium Foil – easily available at any grocery stores. 399 more words


Character Creation Part 1

While I’m between projects, it’s interesting to see what starts to bubble up in my creative mind.  Sometimes it’s plot, sometimes it’s setting.  Right now it happens to be character.   1,371 more words


Beer Review: Sierra Nevada's Snow Wit White IPA

This is part 2/4 of my reviews of Sierra’s Box of Hops Variety 12 pack. Next up is their new White IPA so cleverly called Snow Wit. 431 more words


Homemade hopscotch - for playing inside :)

I’ve been busy with a few homemade projects this week. My latest crafty adventure… Homemade hopscotch! Do you remember playing that game in the playground?! Well I’m recreating an inside version for my niece’s birthday – British weather is far too unreliable to play this game outside! 122 more words


Space station cargo craft undocks to test automated rendezvous system

An unpiloted Russian Progress cargo ship left the International Space Station for a two-day test on an upgraded automated rendezvous system. After undocking from the aft port of the Zvezda Service Module April 23, the craft will travel more than 300 miles from the orbital complex. On its return…

Another Random Non-Bookish Thought....

Hello fellow BookNerds, today I am happy! I know that sounds weird but I guess I’m kinda on an sunshine high. Its so sunny outside… … 85 more words