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Cleaning out my desk (aka kill me!)

The first rule is that I have to wear comfortable clothes but I cannot be warm. I’ll move around a lot more if I am cold and will hopefully get more done. 250 more words


I enjoy making things with my hands as well as doing less crafty work with a computer, sometimes I feel a bit like a Jack-of-all-trades but master of none. 552 more words


Christmas in August - #Card Making

Hi everyone

A really quick post this morning and it is this morning. 2.40 a.m. to be precise.  We all have these moment I know.  I have had these #cards on my mind all night so I thought I would get up and write a post. 284 more words


Fabric Covered EarPhones

A short and quick post. This isn’t a craft project as such but can totally be called an enhancing project. What I mean to say is that we can always enhance, decorate and glorify our old products and tools with the help of things we can’t even imagine. 77 more words


New Month, New Resolution


What’s This All About?


Dear Readers, we are now in the brand new month of August and I’m definitely appreciating the fresh new vibe in my environment right now. 712 more words


Golden Days

After the bezazz of Bastille Day celebrations and our aquatic fun afloat, off Iles Marcouf, we settled into our life at 104.  We were seldom becalmed: when we were not busy gardening, or in my case sewing, we enjoyed catching up with friends.  355 more words

"Anandmela- Joyful Festival Of India"

Just how the aroma of the coffee can refresh you, there was something, I experienced this week. Something refreshing, something soulfully making me feel, I was an Indian. 447 more words

Random Thoughts

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I met all kinds of people at the event : Cute kids who wanted dorm posters, elegant ladies in love with Krishna, Silent grandma/pa who's eyes scanned my work up and down, confused aunty's who wondered why the hell a house needs a coaster,new homers with full of cheer about Ganesha is their hallway and wonderful non-Indians who were so respectful and eager to know about my culture and history behind the art forms. All of them either had shy smiles,loud advices or mild appreciation for me. Rashmi, stood out from all. She walked up to me with her camera and said all the lovely things I always wanted to hear about Aure. Her words were whole-heart ed.  If it was not creepy to hug a stranger in your stall, I would have hugged her then and there. Thank you so much Rashmi, It's your love and kind words that keeps me motivated to create more. The event was special for me in ways, It was my first time out there in open from my online world. I got to meet such wonderful people who shared my same enthusiasm for art and colors.There were times when I doubted my own work and was hesitant if it would be accepted by any,but the event revoked my confidence and restored faith in Aure :) Thank you!