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Diamonds in the Rough

There’s a girl I’ve known for a good two or three years now. We’re ‘net friends – as the gamers say, we haven’t met “irl” (in real life). 1,221 more words


The Boredom Embroidery

    As you have probably figured out by now, I am a crafter.  I am the person who gets excited about a new crafting technique on YouTube…a new crochet stitch, paper flowers, sewing, painting, you name it…if I haven’t tried it yet, I probably want to… 258 more words


There's a Hundred Thousand Angels by your side.

I first found this incredible, hauntingly beautiful,  stunningly peaceful song about ten years ago.  Sung by Lucinda Drayton, of Bliss.  (Lucinda Drayton (vocals) and Andrew Blisset (Keyboards),  are: ‘Bliss’).  191 more words


Got Milk? Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern.

I love making little amigurumi versions of food and drink. These super cute little milk bottles are just too good to resist. Make them in white or cream for regular milk, brown for chocolate or pink for strawberry. 458 more words


About Me

Hi,I am going to using this blog as my online pensieve, so it will be as chaotic, and varied as the inside of my head! Life passes us by in a blink of an eye so I figure why not try and record as much of it as possible. 27 more words

About Me

I Made Flowers - In an enjoyable half an hour of playing with my cauldron!

“You made flowers?  What sort flowers?”  I hear you ask.

I did.  I actually heard you ask ‘what sort of flowers’.  (Ok, well maybe I didn’t, but you were thinking it I bet.) 352 more words


Rubbish Blogger

I’ve been so neglectful of my blog recently! I’ve been so busy it’s unreal!
Got lots of new embroidery in the pipeline and projects galore. My… 63 more words