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Mundane life (thank goodness!) and scrabble letter magnets

Well things seem steady. I am working hard to NOT fall back into old patterns between my husband and I – and I have to say it is HARD! 485 more words

Doing it by the book

Where better to find inspiration on how to become a competent adult than in a bunch of beautiful books? I raided Mumma J’s bookshelves (more like personal library due to the sheer volume of them) and found some absolute delights. 332 more words


Sewing Part Two

If you make it through part one of Sewing 101 that I previously posted then surely you should check out Sewing 101 Part Two!

This is a continuation of part one from the same site and just furthers general instructions. 104 more words


Art Camp @ The Playhouse (Rochester)

We had previously blogged about an Art Camp which The Playhouse at Rochester was organizing for the September school holidays. In fact 2 readers of our blog also won a 2 day Art Camp package which I hope their little ones enjoyed because I know my little one (Jah) did. 474 more words


Alexander's Alphabet

No doubt thanks to my wonderfully talented mother, I love arts and crafts. Seriously. Unfortunately with my prior life and schedule being what they were, I had very little time to enjoy such things. 252 more words


I have never been one to sew but every once in a while I like to think I could do it, haha! I came across a simple and almost comical site that gives you sewing 101 tips and everything you need to know about how to sew. 218 more words