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Fanzines by Teal Triggs- Chapter 6

Professor Teal Triggs at the Royal College of Arts 2010 publication ‘Fanzines’ talks about the craft and design of contemporary zines, she starts off by talking about the development of the craft culture within the fanzine world dating back to the early 1990s starting off with ‘Riot grrrl scene’ and leading into craftivism (an amalgamation of ‘craft and activism’) by british artist Betsy Greer in 2003, she then goes on to talk about crafting alternative communities describing the lifestyle shift into the publishing of ‘how to’ zines explaining that there are two categories that these zines fall into, the first being the zines that write about how to make a zine and the second are the zines that provide lo-fi ‘how to’ guides on making your own crafts/products; in the latter of the category she references the ‘Stolen sharpie revolution: a DIY zine resource’ a minizine by ‘crafty girl’ Alex Wrekk describing how Wrekk suggests tips on the consideration of copyright ‘if you are going to reprint something from another zine’ which ironically is the where the majority of criticism on Teal Trigg’s publication is based around- as a lot of controversy on copyright issues came soon after Trigg’s book was published because a lot of the imagery of the fanzines she included in her book were without the permission of the original artists and in some cases miscredited or not credited at all. 133 more words


"Think-and-Do Tank" with Michael Strand at the Clay Art Center

North Dakota ceramicist and craftivist Michael Strand visited Clay Art Center to lead a “Think-and-Do Tank” with Port Chester community partners. The think tank is the first step of CAC’s cross cultural initiative entitled, “Port Chester: Melting Pot(s)”. 181 more words

Port Chester New York


After my first post about craftivism, I am very excited to be underway with the Craftivist Garden #wellMAKING Project – a joint venture led by… 431 more words


A Craftifesto, and a "thank you!"

I am very close to handing in my literature review comprehensive exam! Yay! I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your interest, and to also thank those of you who have been writing me through this blog and lending your support to my research. 164 more words


Making is ConnectingI

Recently I happened upon David Gauntlett’s book Making is Connecting (no, literally, I was searching for another book in the stacks and was attracted to the graphics on the cover) at the university. 490 more words


A little light neighbourhood commentary, and more bees

Since I’ve been a dog aunty, I’ve been walking the neighbourhood even more than usual. It has given me lots of opportunities to see the local bird boxes in use. 207 more words


"Pipe up" sweet things! Don't be afraid to MAKE some noise!

                 Power to the People ..with a special ‘shout out’ to your machines!