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Blog in Progress!

Thank you for stopping by to check out our blog!

Our hope is that we can post completed projects and working projects here, so that others can see the work that is being done for our community here in Craighead County, Arkansas, and join in if they feel led to! 28 more words


Attempt at Inkle Weaving

Here is an Inkle weave band that I made a while ago. I do not have an Inkle loom so I created a make shift one out of a box and some knitting needles. 151 more words


My Happy Table

Despite the fact that we were only going to have a mini mini birthday celebration for shoti (just immediate family, the godparents and their families), Miss Artsy me could not resist preparing a little something extra to add a bit of cheer and fun into the occasion. 232 more words


Colorblock Candles

In an effort to craft more and get rid of some of my crafting supplies, I took a long hard look at everything that I have. 240 more words


Crafts Paper Mache Beads

Here is a way to do beads on a budget, if you have a lot of newspaper to recycle and a lot of time :) I left the pieces of paper soak in water for the night, then put them into the mixer with enought water. 108 more words