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Tutorial - How to make paper flowers


I’ve a BIG DAY coming up in July this year. There’s nothing like getting a little preparation in early.
I’ve started on these, my paper flowers. 476 more words


Bunny Business

My wife has been busy the past two days with Easter preparations.  Baking, basket-making, and baby food prep.  Carrots, of course, were the common ingredient.  Carrot cupcakes, carrot scones, carrot whoopie pies…we’re going to eat well tomorrow. 282 more words


Crayon Easter Eggs!

This year was a last minute rush to color easter eggs. We had thought of doing the shaving cream easter eggs like last year, but wanted to do something else.   107 more words


Casting on: Rainbow Pipeline Socks

Hello Everyone,

The third round of this years Sockmadness is upon is. And this new pattern has been giving me headaches. It’s super pretty, but it includes many elements with which I have zero experience. 354 more words


Maybe I've gone a little mad...

Well here we are, smack dab in the middle of spring and some beautiful weather, and I seem to be bubbling over with ideas.  After having fun with the pillowcases, I’ve decided I’m going to make an owl toy all on my own.   210 more words


The Jezabels Cross Stitch

Two things may be obvious to those familiar with reading Through The Magic Door. I love cross stitch, and I love The Jezabels. So it may not come as much of a shock to discover that I have combined these two things to create a Jezabels cross stitch! 267 more words


Easter eggs

The kids are always wanting to color Easter eggs but no one in our house eats hard boiled eggs and it is such a hassle. So this year we bought fake eggs tht I found at Walmart, which claimed to be like the real thing and used my acrylic paints to color them. 29 more words