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Bonkers Bonnets for Easter

While I love being a mummy, the job does come with copious amounts of work! Such work includes being a nurse/sick bucket when needed, being the best cuddle giver, provider of all food and drink (“mum, can I have a biscuit, mum can I have a drink, mummy, can I have some chocolate”) etc etc. 450 more words


Baa Baa Baa

That’s what Hannah used to call sheep.  Now that she’s a very wise two year old, she’s moved on to calling them “seep”, but still enjoys shouting “baa baa baa!” when she sees them in her storybooks. 173 more words


How To Make: Captain America Cinch Backpack!

Warning: I freehanded this bag quite a bit, so the instructions may seem a bit confusing. Sorry, it’s just that I’ve never sewed anything like this before, but I tried my best to show you each step. 320 more words

Travis The Grimm

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs - Dyed and Marbelized

Today, both my little guys have nasty cold so we tried to play quietly and take it easy. This art project was a nice way to also be doing something creative, so we could decorate our windows for Easter. 211 more words


Easter Crafts: Newspaper Woven Eggs

This Easter shock your friends with some particular woven eggs. Don’t be concerned if this is the very first time you weave eggs, as this is not as tough of a process as it could look at initial. 21 more words

Daily Ideas

I Built a Building! What did you do?

I built a building yesterday…I’m serious!

Okay, so it may not be a REAL building, but still it gave me something to do on my Active Rest Day. 113 more words

Current Projects

Getting a bit crafty with string eggs

So as it’s nearly Easter I swear that string eggs are everywhere! As they look so cool I thought Little G and I would have a go at making some as the one thing I do have a lot of is spare yarn lying around.   351 more words