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Be Creative - September - Prompt 17

Write a letter to someone you used to know and like but no longer see. Tell them about some of the creative things you have been doing. 15 more words

Be Creative Now

Be Creative - September - Prompt 16

Using a piece of paper A4 or larger make a collage of torn newspaper strips to completely cover the surface.

Want to do more?

Scribble all over using a black pen.

Be Creative Now

Be Creative - September - Prompt 15

Write a Haiku

Three lines made up as follows:




The only rule is that the word ‘SUNDAYmust be included.


Saturday Stockpile 9/13/14

Guys, this is what my kitchen table looks like right now….

I am in full ‘hat making mode’ over hear. I have five different hats going right now, so I thought that for this weeks SS I would link in the patterns that I am using :0) Here you go! 221 more words

Saturday Stockpile

Be Creative - September- Prompt 8

Call for anyone else that would like to join in with the Postcard or ATC Exchange. Initial details and joining form are here

No need to respond here if you are a member of the Facebook Group, there will be a call there later… 11 more words


Be Creative - September - Prompt 4

Time to find some fabric and threads etc.
In the not too distant future you will need:
Backing fabric no bigger than A4 (Approx 8 x 12 inches), 74 more words


DIY Cat Scratcher

Oh surprise surprise, another post about cats.  Real cats this time!

We’ve acquired A LOT of cardboard boxes since our last move.  We have boxes in the hallway closet, in the bedroom closet, in the other bedroom closet, on top of shelves, under the bed, under the couch, behind the dresser.   365 more words