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Hallowe'en mobile

One of my favourite blogs is www.littlefelthouses.com and a recent post there was about little green cushions which I thought would make lovely Christmas decorations.  Today however, I made a few cushions with a Hallowe’en theme. 36 more words


twa dugs

Big Sis was quite taken with the little dog I made a few months ago and yesterday coerced me into making one for her. This afternoon I was arm-twisted into making another for my niece. 24 more words


a fair exchange

In exchange for a batch or two of scones to be made this afternoon by Big Sis, I agreed to make a heart for the Tin Man outfit that her daughter will be wearing at a party this weekend. 9 more words

Crafty Bits

joining a group

I don’t have friends in my area who embroider and the only embroidery group locally is a branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild whose membership I talk myself out of applying for at least every other month. 150 more words