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Pints of Guinness ... Irish magic in a glass

Personally speaking, I love Guinness! It’s so creamy and tastes great. The first time I had a Guinness was in a place called Tulla, Co Clare, years ago! 204 more words


Having the Craic

We all love the laugh don’t we? We Irish are great for making the worst situation into a bit of Craic ! Sure that’s why the world loves us…. 15 more words


Thelma, Louise and the Other One

Planning a road trip, a map is always a good start. A change of clothes and a rough idea of where you were heading.

I hadn’t any preconceived ideas as to whether a road trip involved robbing a petrol station, being a little more open minded, along with the convertible, or whether a head scarf was needed. 632 more words

Is it me?

The people of NI don’t quite embrace the ‘thought of the moment’ so whilst I have had people agree to have their photographs taken, they aren’t so forthcoming with having something to say. 376 more words

Day 1 of Ireland: Landing, Hostels, and Craic in Dublin

My first flight to Europe was certainly an experience. My plane was packed almost to capacity and which horrified the claustrophobic in me. I’m 5’3 and it was very tight; the guy at the end of my row had to be 6’2 and barely shoved himself into his seat. 890 more words


My life be like "Oooooo look at that!"

Welp Ireland is beautiful and wild and fun and basically ridiculously awesome.

Let’s sum up the last two weeks I’ve been enjoying but not documenting: 331 more words