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'Ceol Agus Craic' - An Irish Musical Journey

“In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone…” Walking through the streets of Dublin, we hear snatches of music here and there. 742 more words



Sábado culturalillo.

 Dambro viendo Past Forward de Vincent Fournier

 Les presento a la mamá de los tomates del departamento de foto del FIA.


 Dambro haciendo pruebas con la Fuji, creo que está un 99% convencido de adquirirla. 111 more words



Today, Mike “Dork” Kenndy, is being laid to rest after passing away in the line of duty, fighting a fire in downtown Boston.  He was 33.   191 more words

Expats and Explorers! Stay in Style!

When I first ventured abroad on a study abroad programme to a place in Ireland called Maynooth, I was enchanted by the spirit of adventure. I booked a flight that would arrive two days earlier than my semester abroad programme started so as to spend a couple of days experiencing all that Dublin, this capital city in foreign soil on which my feet had never tread, could offer. 441 more words

American In London

I still sit when I pee

My Brain is on lock…. getting feedback about the workouts over the last 3 weeks have got me looking at the (day to day) programming too much for my comfort.   405 more words

A Few of My Favorite Things About Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Obviously, St. Patrick’s Day is now a celebration of Ireland and drinking. Last year I wrote about the origins of the holiday. 648 more words



It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, which means in bars across the world, people with the most strenuous links to Ireland or just the faintest recollection of having seen something green in their lifetimes will be getting absolutely blind drunk in memory of a fifth-century Welsh slave who was taken to Ireland and became a missionary. 520 more words