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55. Goodbye Dublin, farewell London

Mike has had a go at saying goodbye to Ireland in blog format, but c’mere lads*, let me tell you the tale of my final days in Dublin and the journey onto London. 1,260 more words


Top 10 to do this Winter in Toronto

Winter has arrived. If this is your first Canadian winter you are in for a treat! They are well equipped to handle the heavy downfalls of snow – unlike home. 590 more words

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A New Adventure

“Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.”

-James Joyce, Ulysses

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1,391 more words

#34 Embracing the craic, the folk in the yoke

Shoulder muscles straining with low-speed clutch work, I disgorged the motorbike out of the ferry’s maw down slippy metal gantries.

Stadium-sized sodium lights highlighted steady drizzle- Rosslare docks at dawn- our first sight of Ireland. 927 more words


54. Do you have to let it linger?

For what seemed like a long time, the final chapter of living and working in Dublin was a distant reality.  It didn’t help that my work had practically dried up and I found myself guiltily wishing the time away while staring into the middle distance from the window of my office.   1,774 more words


Halloween Madness

Unfortunately, I had to work this years Halloween night but thankfully, I got to make it out the week before in college to celebrate. Honestly, I wasn’t all that up for heading out that day but the night proved to be a good one in the end! 192 more words


A guide to Irish Men

Recently we brought you a guide to Irish women, so we thought it only fair to share our knowledge on the Irish men folk. They are a not complex breed, all they really require is food, football and a few scoops at the weekend. 358 more words

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