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Actors Just Say 'No': A Story of What Could Have Been

Rob Lowe’s new book, Love Life, comes out this week and just like his first memoir, he reveals a lot about his personal life and career. 1,492 more words


'Parenthood' react: Camille Braverman’s complicated mid-life crisis

Over the past three seasons of Parenthood, we’ve grown to know Camille Braverman as the gentle matriarch of the family. With her soft-spoken and carefully chosen words of wisdom she can make even the most delinquent Braverman make better choices (hello, … 753 more words


Directed By: Tobe Hooper
Written By: Steven Spielberg, Mark Victor and Michael Grais
Starring: Craig T. Nelson; JoBeth Williams
Released: June 1982

“Theeeeeey’re Heeeeeere!” 396 more words