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Life Through The Lens - Part II - August 20 Image

This evening after dinner I went for a drive around Boucherville, Quebec. I stopped along the river in a older residential area and noticed this beautiful church. 


Life Through The Lens - Part II - August 18 Image

I am in Montreal for a few days. Late this afternoon I arrived at my hotel and went for a short walk before going to dinner. 25 more words


Miracles and the need to debunk the alternative explanations

This is a challenge to Christians and their “apologists”:

Suppose a stranger came up to you in a coffee shop, and described themselves as a Christian who believes in the full deity and humanity of Jesus, the Trinity, salvation by grace alone, justification by faith alone, and the full inerrancy of the Protestant version of the bible, who said they had, under direction from Jesus Christ, successfully mated a bird with a dog, and the resulting offspring was a dog with natural flying ability and used by God to spread the gospel.  151 more words


Response to "Does God Exist?" Debate Between Hitchens and Craig

William Lane Craig’s argument during his debate with Christopher Hitchens seems entirely dependent on the idea that we already know everything, which, it does not take anyone of significant intelligence to tell you this is not the case. 1,747 more words

Quick Point

In Which Sophisticated Theology(tm) is served

Frequently, in the godless heathen circles of the internet that I frequent, theologians can be seen berating non-believers and non-theologians for criticising religion the way the vast majority of believers practice it, then recommending their own proprietary version of God be studied and apprehended fully before atheism (or even moderate faith) is a viable, intellectually honest option. 299 more words

Police tell Detroiters to buy guns

“Detroit police chief James Craig…has repeatedly called on “good” and “law-abiding” Detroiters to arm themselves against criminals in the city.”


YES! Some people understand. How do you stop evil? 98 more words


Life Through The Lens - Part II - August 17 Image

This afternoon I headed into Toronto for a family dinner. My Mother-In-Law lives in a condo with a view of the CN Tower. It was a beautiful afternoon!