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Basic Blue Seats on Scoot Seem Extremely Cramped

I don’t think I would like to travel on Scoot unless it’s Business Class, as I value space (width of seat and leg room). Even if I have no other frills, space is the most important. 71 more words


A fishy dream...

Dear Tuppence

I am a student in my early twenties.I  dreamed I owned a fish bowl. It was very small and I had five fish cramped inside. 100 more words

Stress Dream

World record attempt...

Near a local town hall, bystanders would trip as they walked by a local phone booth. Not there was anything wrong with the phone-booth itself, but the fact that over ten people were crammed in there was certainly a cause for concern. 125 more words


Cramped. Camped.

I feel like an idiot.

This always ends up happening, it seems.

I’ll have plans to go to , sit in my room to wait ’til it starts, and then NOT GO. 318 more words