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Week five of pregnancy

It’s really early, and we haven’t told anyone yet. It’s been a crazy waiting time period for the past week and half to two weeks. I think I realized early on I was pregnant because I have been tracking everything. 158 more words



A quick update after my OB appointment this morning. I decided that I wouldn’t get a cervical check unless the doctor would also do a membrane sweep at the same time. 139 more words

Baby 3

STOP Muscle Cramping

I’ve now worked with quite a number of clients now who came to me with one of their main goals being to not cramp so badly while racing¬†(both¬†half-marathoners and full marathoners). 1,106 more words


Abdominal Cramp Remedies

1. Try a hot pack if you have one! Usually this relaxes the abdominal muscles and eases the pain, whether it moves the gas trapped causing the cramp or soothes the muscles this one is my go-to! 339 more words

Mild, Uncomfortable Cramping: Could It Be Braxton Hicks?

I’m so confused this time around because with my first one I didn’t have them like at all. I didn’t even have contractions – or so I thought – the side of my back just hurt like hell in that one spot no matter what I did. 172 more words


The Four Letter Word

My four year old was just finishing his second year of preschool. I can honestly say he loved school more than most. He is gregarious and social and feeds off the energy around him. 809 more words

Only Women Bleed

This blog post is about menstruation. Not a topic that should require a trigger warning, per se, but this is just fair warning.

The other day I went for my morning wee and the toilet paper came out red. 1,093 more words