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I don't know what is going on..........

I’m not sure what is going on today…..or more specifically what is going on with me.  Yesterday was not a good morning or early afternoon for me but then I went home and having someone there helped.   651 more words

8DPIUI - I spoke too soon!

Remember when I said that I was getting away lightly with the Progesterone side-effects? Well yesterday they came in full force! Up most of the night with insomnia, nasty cramping/sharp pains in the uterus/ovary area, and one episode of severe nausea that meant running to the bathroom to retch. 97 more words

Two days to go and now I cramp up

I woke up this morning at 4am with some pretty severe cramping going on in my abdominal area. I was pretty sure that this wasn’t hormonal and for the next 2 hours I could not get comfortable. 106 more words



By Parker Clark

In spite of hydrating all week in preparation for the first game of the year, coming out of the locker room to start the second half of the Edgewood game I started catching cramps all throughout my legs. 254 more words


Me & My Peripheral Neuropathy

So, I’m not diabetic – never have been – but i do suffer from Fibromyalgia & over the course of several years I have suffered thru Charlie Horses in my feet…screaming hours long constant cramping in my feet. 269 more words


#Dialysis - Great resources for information

Update 9/18/14:  Sorry I haven’t updated this in a while.  However, I wanted you to know about the Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) Education Center website… 253 more words

Symptom Spotting Anyone?

I have a problem. I told myself I wouldn’t test and that I would wait for the beta at my RE’s office next week. I guess I lied, lol. 227 more words