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Enduring Your First Trimester

My How-To on Enduring the First Trimester

I am no expert, but I have had two pregnancies and both of them differ greatly.

Nothing in my life changed when I was pregnant the first time – morning sickness? 2,888 more words

A classification of digital equalizers (draft)

Okay, this is my first try to make some kind of classification of digital equalizers. It’s mostly based on some defects or features they have in their responses. 2,186 more words


The Unknown Continues

The unknown continues, and it’s driving me absolutely bonkers.

On Saturday, my spotting intensified in colour. Still the regular brown colour which is meant to be ok in early pregnancy and indicate old blood. 571 more words


Limbo Land

Welcome to limbo land.

A place where the future is unknown and you can’t move on with the rest of your life until it miraculously and with time sorts itself out and becomes apparent of an outcome. 499 more words


The Dreaded 2 Week Wait (2WW)

Date: 2dp3dt

It has been quite a side effect journey these past few days. Today is my last day of taking dexamethasone and hopefully after this I will be able to fall asleep at night. 307 more words

Sore Muscles and Joints Yield to Instant Calmag-C

Sore Muscles and Joints

“Because of the nature of the sport I participate in — rugby, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints, but taking CalMag-C helps immensely.

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Muscle Cramps