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tummy drama

Alright, I need to write about last week… It’s my way of dealing with it and keeping sane.  No problem if you want to skip this post; I would completely understand. 561 more words


Torture Before Testing

Well folks, no one said this waiting period would be easy.

It’s far from easy. In the infertility world, I’m what you’d call 3dp6dt. That’s 3-days-past a 6-day-transfer, to equal 9 dpo (which translates to 9 days past ovulation). 1,267 more words


March 2013: The Elimination of Milk and Eggs

August 2012, I went on a ten day fast. One gallon of water and one head of green lettuce a day. I was having really bad problems every month before and during my menstrual cycle. 280 more words

From Attempted Suicide to Ironman is a Tough, But Rewarding Road

Shane Niemeyer was running to catch up when he became an Iron Man competitor. Niemeyer had spent much of his youth drinking, overdosing on drugs, getting arrested, spending time in prison, and barely graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi when he was homeless after getting kicked out of a long-term treatment center. 423 more words


IVF #3 6DP5DT - The 411

No, I did not POAS (pee on a stick), but this was the only image I could find with 6DP5DT.  So yes, today is 6DP5DT and I am feeling a lot of mild cramping.  235 more words


Ice, Ice, Baby

Ouch. ouch. ouch. owwww. ouch. pain. why??? Yeah, that’s fun to wake up to.

Normally, having Small Fiber Neuropathy in my feet and legs isn’t too horrible… A little foot cramping every day, no big deal. 566 more words


Bonus Information

For those of you reading, consider this your warning – this post 100% falls into the category of TMI (too much information) and you will read and learn things that may be out of your comfort zone. 2,148 more words