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cranial (adj).

You’re in my head: heavy, hurried, humming, hazy, all like a summer day, and after the sun goes down, I can still feel its silky seeping into my skin. 25 more words

The Word Project.

Frank Kelleher Cranial Osteopath.

Frank Kelleher is a Paediatric Osteopath who has specialised in treating digestive and respiratory conditions in babies and children for the last 16 years. Soon after he graduated as an Osteopath in 1997 he realised that he wanted to work with babies and children. 550 more words


Friday 4th April is World Plagiocephaly Awareness Day


On this day we would like to spread the word on the

importance of Tummy Time for babies.

Tummy Time works by reducing the pressure on the back of baby’s head and by strengthening the head and neck muscles. 397 more words


Cranial Nerves Chart

A great summary of cranial nerve functions and assessments taken from:


Cranial - Persona

Difundiendo Demo 2012 de Cranial (Chile). Escúchalo aquí, 11.32 minutos de old fashion grind:


Tongue tie, high palate and other issues affecting feeding.

All mammals are born with the instinct to suckle and feed so why do humans find it so difficult to get feeding established? Often it is the result of our difficult birth journey and our rather oversized head! 259 more words


Fetal growth and development proceed in a gradient from cranial to caudal.