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Passion and Warfare....Musicians Never Give Up Their Art

So I just read an article a contact on facebook posted about BB King. Apparently he was booed while performing in St Louis. Well thats a fucking shame. 786 more words


College? Low Paying Jobs?

Was reading a post about jobs a few minutes ago And it’s shocking how so many believe college will give you a better job. Not always. 482 more words


Flea Market Find: The Story of Cane Sugar

…which sounds like it could be a porno, but it isn’t. ¬†Instead, it’s a pamphlet that is–best as I can figure–printed before 1941, when the Pennsylvania Sugar Company… 752 more words

Android Kit Kat for LG G2

So yes I decided to be like many other folks and check the OTA update for my phone and same result….NOTHING!! Yeah yeah getting old you say but I figured it would be a carrier release that would take time. 775 more words



I was in the flea-markety basement of Street of Shops, the closest thing I’ve seen to a bazaar for freaks, weeding through old dishes and dated cookbooks and discarded dolls and rusted cookie tins. 210 more words