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Cambodia Crash Chronicles: Second Flight

Now, Cambodia is known for one of the countries where the number one cause of deaths is, traffic accidents. I see it happening everyday. However, that doesn’t stop me from driving a motorbike to get from point A to point B. 525 more words

Burn Cover Reveal & Special Announcement by J.C Emery


Tragedy cuts deep. Revenge
burns deeper.

The blood of enemies coats
the leather of their vests and a trail of bodies lie in their wake, but the… 1,650 more words

Book / Movie News

Hang onto your dreams as they take to flight,
soaring through the sky free as time forgets you,
when you may crash and burn.
But pick yourself up; never lose sight, 40 more words


Check Out Stephanie Skye's Music -- Listen Here!!

Stephanie Skye is an up and coming singer that you should definitely start keeping up with. She just completed an EP that displays her prowess vocals which puts her in the same league as Christina Aguilera, Adele and Sia. 52 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News

The Evolution of Caregiving

Note:  In additions to excerpts from my book, What to Do about Mama?  this post revolves around four recent entries from blogs that I follow.  For their full blog content, please see: 2,361 more words


Diary of a Crash and Burn: Remembrance of Writing Nightmares Past

What a weird writing day this has been.  I was all set to type up a blog post (one I’ve been planning for a while) about my philosophy of reading and the “Precious Seconds Rule”–the empowering guideline I formulated for myself at my lowest possible moment, the standard by which I’ve been judging so many pieces for Good Writing Breaks, the tenet that shapes my brand-spanking-new consciousness of what it means to be a reader… 1,254 more words