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Here we go again. More ghosts!

They must come from somewhere …
Above the clouds, maybe?

That’s what I think!

And WordPress has no idea what is really going on here. … 31 more words


Coffee At Part Time Monster!

My weekend coffee post is at the Monster this week. Diana’s busy offline until mid-week, so I’m filling in over there for the next few days. 228 more words


Is God ever Silent?

I keep returning to this song by Crash Test Dummies. Maybe it’s because I really like Brad Robert’s unmistakable voice, or the melody. I definitely like the clever lyrics, and the questions God gets asked! 345 more words


Super Future - Episode 099


Dags and Jeff Discuss the impending Russian invasion.  Would a Top Gun 2 keep the Russians in their place?  The guys review the timeline for the planned super hero movies.   20 more words


New Crash Test Dummies Will Gain A Few Pounds To Better Reflect Fatalities Of Obese Drivers

We’ve all seen the dummies used in tests to determine if vehicles are safe before hitting the streets. Remember that picture, because the dummies are getting a makeover to better represent Americans’ growing waistlines. 201 more words

Overweight crash test dummies

The main U.S. manufacturer of crash test dummies, Humanetics, is introducing a line of overweight dummies in order to better reflect American driver demographics.  The new dummies will weigh 273 pounds (124 kg) and will pack a lot of body mass around the waistline and the backside, reports… 65 more words

Obese Crash Test Dummies Created To Keep Up With Growing Number Of Overweight Drivers, Help Save Lives

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Crash test dummies are packing on the pounds.

In order to better accommodate the growing number of overweight drivers, Humanetics, the world’s leading maker of crash test dummies, is testing an obese model of its dummies, according to a report on… 188 more words