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Split audio file into pieces

I´m trying to split an audio file in some pieces.

The fact is: I have a byte array and I would like do split the wav file into some random pieces (3 for example). 145 more words


Building a good grammar with Microsoft.Speech

I´m having some problems building a grammar using Microsoft.Speech to build a portuguese grammar.

I built a grammar manually but it´s not good enough. I heard that I could use a Dictation Grammar in System.Speech to build my grammar but seems like it doesn´t support portuguese. 174 more words


Speech Recognition PlatformNotSupportedException

I’m running a sample using speech recognition and it´s not working on windows 8 or 2012 server.

Using win8 or win2012server the following code doesn´t return records, but it does in win7. 203 more words


Speech SDK - LoadGrammar() raising UnauthorizedAccessException

I’m trying to use Speech Recognition lib on C# (4.5) on my Windows 8.

I installed “Microsoft Speech Platform SDK 11″ and I’m receiving an exception using LoadGrammar. 271 more words