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My Reader Keeps Crashing

Friends, I am doing my best to get to your blogs, but every time I am in my Reader for the past few days, it has been crashing. 61 more words


Bug and Glitches TinyCo are fixing!

I know some of you are experiencing different problems with your favourite game since the update. TinyCo is aware of the following bugs/glitches: 118 more words

Family Guy


This week has been a mess for me. Doctor appointments, DES, Social Security, WIC…
And I have to go back to Downtown Phoenix because I never received my son’s birth certificate I paid for. 127 more words


Not the best day in the world...

Sometimes you have those days where everything kind of falls perfectly into place and everything just goes your way. Other days… not so much. 421 more words


Wedding crashers.

At the weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to a wedding party. Mum’s friend from work, Jenn, was celebrating her marriage to René, which took place a few weeks ago. 337 more words


Acadian Waves

These tiny waves were crashing pretty hard on the seawall in Acadia National Park in Maine. It was such a beautiful day to be there.

Healin' ain't for the coward kind

Be Still  (Photo Credit: Michelle Josey, 2013)

On my drive back from Petaluma, CA to San Diego, CA…

otherwise thought of as ‘Northern Cali to Southern Cali’… I spent 10 hours with myself -thinking, daydreaming, singing, and pulling over to jot down lyrics… 646 more words

True Reflection