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Crashes Into Earth

     The picture below is the fourth piece for me to write a poem based off of an art piece by L’ren Knorr, an exceptional artist and friend. 116 more words


Guess what, drone flying is pretty darn hard

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FAA is proposing rules that would limit drone flying to daylight hours, within eyesight, below an altitude of 400 feet and flown only by certified pilots. 283 more words



crashing waves-

My getaway raves!

Deep blue sea-

Green seaweed like a tree.

My world of underground-

Holding treasures around.

As I walk on the sand, 61 more words


POLL: Did you get Bitch Stewie?

We have heard mixed reviews regarding the Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian weekend event, so we thought we should run a poll to see whether you managed to obtain Bitch Stewie or not, and the reasons as to why/why not! 100 more words

Family Guy

Further notes on Debian instalation on Qemu

For some very strange reasons each time that I have tried to install Debian, the net-minimum version, without the KDE, has ended with the OS crashing and the Qemu needed to be restarted. 237 more words


Dysfunction in Motorists Creates so-called Malfunction Junction

Welcome to Brattleboro, Vermont, where this one ridiculous looking intersection is the bane of most motorists’ existence. They call it malfunction junction. But this guy was on the scene to tell you it has nothing to do with the timers on the lights, or the intersectin itself, as confusing and awful looking as it is. 167 more words