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Day 89: A typical daily meal plan on Phase 4 of SCD

Now that I’m so close to the end of my 90-day challenge – which I will be extending to a nice round 100 – I thought I’d share with you what I typically eat on an average day on SCD. 754 more words

Scd Diet

Beat The Pregnancy Cravings


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1.) Water: A lot of times, we are dehydrated and don’t know it. Especially as mamas-to-be, we need to be chugging water like it’s our job anyway. 358 more words


A Big Announcement and Some Servious Cravings

So I’m happy to announce that we’re expecting a sweet little addition to our family in November!  I can’t imagine another baby in this house, but I am so excited to get to relive the squishy baby phase, again!   435 more words

Chips And Dips

Nightmares on Diet street

Since starting this diet my nightmares now consist of me blowing all my progress by cheating and pigging out on something devilishly delicious. Last night…. Chocolate cake!

Weight Loss

What You Are Really Hungry For.....Love and Acceptance!

I have worked with tons of clients, mostly women but some men, that have taught me a ton about human nature and what we do to feel love. 488 more words

Health And Wellness

My Lent Experiment: A Failure?

Easter is this Sunday, Lent is almost over, and I am craving meat.

It’s pretty serious.  Yesterday, I felt like having fried chicken.  Last night before I fell asleep, I was fantasizing about eating barbecued ribs.   288 more words


A fat lady swallowed Frances!

I did something stupid, and stepped on the scale.
I’ve never seen THAT number before.
In fact, I didn’t know this scale went so high. 182 more words