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Sandwiches for Pregnant People

Are you pregnant but love sandwiches? Of course you can’t eat your favorite turkey sub from the deli (listeria risk), but hey, I’ve gotcha covered here. 389 more words

Quest Bars Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of protein bars. I’ve never liked the taste, nor have I enjoyed eating them. I’ve tried a variety of brands and flavours including Pure Protein, and Cliff Builder’s. 142 more words


I mentioned in a previous post I tried to (somewhat successfully) give up alcohol before my half marathon. Doing so well, I decided to be super ambitious for lent and give up sweets, soda and fried food. 339 more words


Welcome to another Tummy Trimming Thursday.

Today I will talk a bit about food and cravings! Why do we have cravings? I have discovered that cravings often have little to do with actual hunger. 294 more words


Allergy to Sugar?

While not common it seems there are some people who are allergic to sugar, indeed some sources say it is not possible, or have symptoms very like allergies to various forms of sugars. 107 more words


On cravings

So I found this on Pinterest and thought – HOLLY MOLLY (no I didn’t… I actually though Holly Sh**, but I couldn’t say that, could I? 24 more words