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Spring Cleaning

There are definitely phases in my organizing flurries. Generally when things become  chaotic, it becomes more productive to sort, list and shelve, than spend hours looking for something I know I have. 376 more words


I've Done It Wrong

So this week has been hectic and mostly terrible. I stained my Black Keys t-shirt while eating spaghetti O’s. I just got that like two weeks ago and I am really pissed that it has a stain on it now. 701 more words


Some background information; I’m a 21 year old female design student from the United Kingdom, living in Brisbane, Australia.

This blog is my outlet, journal, expressions and thoughts; born from a 5 week relationship with a man who i fell in love with but is moving to London for 6 months. 32 more words

Ruined forever?

I love the Transformers wiki. Sure, that was kind of to be expected, seeing as I love Transformers in general (and I can indulge in that a bit more now, as I just realized both… 1,301 more words


Laundry is piling up

So the last couple of days, I am getting the laundry done. When I write, I lose track of everything except essentials like taking my pills or eating. 236 more words


Keep Your fridge open

I officially hate Mondays. The lack of sleep and lack of nutritional meals from the weekend like to hit you over the head to say “Remember me?” So due to my lack of sleep, I am changing things up with today’s blogging challenge. 257 more words


Needles and Pins

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, not because things have been uneventful, but because they’ve been eventful. Sometimes you need to ride the waves. 90 more words