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04-15-2014 Journal Entry – A Spring Swim

In my last posting I was whining a little about not having much beach time here in good old tropical Maine. Being the bonehead I am and living with my boneheaded better-half we decided not to wait any longer to hit the beach. 414 more words

Possibly Humorous

Let's talk: who I am and why I'm here |purrfectgirl


Yeah, so this is my first ever post which is actually and factually following the THE DAILY POST task..

So here we go!

As I have mentioned in my first ever post on THIS blog is that, I was the creator of 6 different websites, each of them was actually concentrated to a particular topic rather than all the things I was interested in, and as we all know human beings don’t like things for a long time, so my interest gradually decreased from each blog of mine, then again I found out my interest didn’t lay in those things which I made blog posts on, but it actually lay in blogging itself!  337 more words

Let's Talk

He Crushed my heart!

Oh c’mon if you haven’t had that one person who hit cupids at your heart. One person, naaah! I’m sure there are many? Yeah! College won’t be fun without the bunch of candies. 173 more words


It's my right to take whatever I want

Some people still believe in ‘state’s rights’:

Bundy, 67, doesn’t recognize federal authority on land he insists belongs to Nevada. His Mormon family has operated a ranch since the 1870s near the small town of Bunkerville and the Utah and Arizona lines.

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The Ants Go Marching Two By Two

Our home has been invaded by tiny black ants. The kind you can squish with your fingertip only to find three more emerge in their place. 318 more words

The Hard Days

“You’re crazy, and I’m out of my mind”…


So it is Tax Day again

I did my taxes a month ago for good reason. First, I had all the tax papers–W-2s, receipts, royalty payments, etc. by then. Second, if I don’t do it a month early, I forget and then I am in that sheer terror of time, trying to get the paperwork done. 218 more words

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