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A Motorcycle Crash Is Caught On Camera And What Happens Seconds After Is Insane! [VIDEO]

A man crashes his motorcycle and makes and unbelievable recovery!

This is by far one of the craziest crashes I’ve ever seen! Watch above!



People are interesting. I have always thought that.

I should quickly note in the beginning of this post that I do not mean interesting in a bad way, but I will also admit, when I do not always mean it in a good way either. 233 more words


Evolving Relationships, Age & Reality

10 years ago I joined a Christian dating site.  I made some amazing friendships.  I met a few guys that I thought could possibly be Mr. 529 more words


Summer Wars (2009)

Summer Wars

Summer Wars is very nearly a flawless movie.

And I use that term very specifically. A flawless movie means that I can’t find a single thing wrong with it. 1,918 more words


Watch This Crazy Clip Of A Giraffe Escaping A Circus And Running Wild In The Streets! [VIDEO]

Last weekend, bystanders outside of a circus in Monterrey witnessed something they probably thought they would never see: a rogue giraffe from a nearby circus running wild through the streets! 39 more words