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Price is Right

Is that $1bb US or Australian?

Apparently the Crazy Horse Memorial not enough (and not paid for by the government)

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white room, no. 2 (with public domain photos)

before the white room

you tense

as your name

is called

over the compound PA

then you wait

when you hear

the command

“dress up” 41 more words

Crazy Horse

white room, no. 1 (with public domain photos)

in the white room

painted grey

i wait

with anxiety

blindfold tightly constricting

visions and arousing fear

the brutes know their business

learned in fort bragg… 128 more words

Crazy Horse

good mornings (with public domain photo)

while the night was

sweet and tender

the new morning

is more than welcome

it caresses

with her bites

and cock crows

the smell of brewing coffee… 38 more words

Crazy Horse

a save? / pambawi

i just

don’t know

what i fall for

the undulating sleek bodies

in the heavens

the trilling voices

of bossa nova artists

guitar riffs

drum drops… 42 more words

Crazy Horse



why are these un-elected
and unelectable
so brave
to dish out
such crap

guess because
their elected boss
who pretend the people
is his boss…
10 more words

Crazy Horse

insane? totally!

what should happen
what must happen
will happen?

what must happen
should happen
what must happen
will happen!

© crazy horse poetry

Crazy Horse