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Hurry Up & Wait #realmartachronicles

Only on MARTA does a “3 min” arrival time actually mean “15 but we won’t be courteous & tell you that”

Crazy Is As MARTA Does

Keep Your Ass to Yourself #realmartachronicles

The guy sitting next to me is so busy talking to the woman in the seat behind him that he keeps turning his body around to talk to her. 34 more words


Systematic Dysfunction #realmartachronicles

MARTA is so damn dysfunctional in every way. Trains leave/arrive late w/ no explanation, app doesn’t work, no security @MARTASERVICE @CEOMARTA


Poor Thing #realmartachronicles

So one of the MARTA guys is taking surveys at Indian Creek while 1 train is 10 min late leaving the station with angry passengers stuck, waiting on the train. 12 more words


This B****... #realmartachronicles

This b**** chick actually pulled the train out of the station 3 minutes late because she was having a conversation. When ppl are relying on you to keep a schedule… and when you’re paid to keep that schedule.. KEEP THAT SCHEDULE. SMH