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The truth - about lies

 7 Honest Reasons Why Addicts Lie

I am often in denial about the simple fact that my husband, and my sons, have lied to me. Often. 1,091 more words

Reality Check


Ok, he has discarded you and you are heartbroken, the 3 W’s plague you,

what, when and why; the love of your life has discarded you and is now madly and passionately in love with someone else and loathes you. 2,692 more words


Why does my sweetheart drive me Crazy? part 3: an experiment

Cowboy: We’ve been distracted by travel, and we left the question of being driven crazy without resolving it.
Adam: Resolve? Ha!
Cowboy: In part 2, … 474 more words


More validation and reducing that cognitive dissonance

Sorry this will be long and serious, but I thought time to do some processing and focussed expressive writing.  I have some roller coaster background noise in the last bit.   1,243 more words


Extreme Moose Tracks Chocolate Ice Cream

Currently feeling deep regret.  Had 3 bowls of this late last night.  They were the little kiddie size plastic IKEA bowls, but still…not good.  Well, that’s not honest now, is it.   432 more words


Brave Heart Award - thank you Betternotbroken

Ok, enough silliness.  Time for some serious…  Several weeks ago, I received a nomination for an award called the Brave Heart Award.  It was given to me by blogger friend Betternotbroken, thank you BnB (and I apologize for the lateness, it took some courage to face this post!)    970 more words


Why does my sweethearts drive me crazy? part 2

Adam: We’re going to look at this question of driving-crazy from the opposite point of view: why do we drive our sweethearts crazy? Sometimes it’s for reasons that are obvious to us, like maybe we do something that we’d rather not do, but sometimes what’s obnoxious about our behavior is mysterious to us. 516 more words