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My "diagnosis"...

I use this term loosely because today, my husband tried to tell me what “my problem” is. He sent me a link, informing me that I have adrenal fatique. 283 more words

Emotional Abuse

Marvellous words on prayer

I wrote an entire post, then deleted it. Wonder if anyone saw it in those 38 minutes? It was too vulnerable, too raw, and felt too much like husband negativity that I don’t want to put out there. 350 more words

Anniversary and family time

Next week is our 22nd marriage anniversary. October is one of my favorite months for so many reasons. I love fall, we often travel in October for my husband’s work or to celebrate our anniversary, and I love the weather in October. 444 more words

How I'm going to get from here to there

My meeting with the bishop was different than I expected. There was no particular thing I was hoping for, other than not have my concerns dismissed. 898 more words

How I got to here - recognizing denial

Sounds ominous! Alternative titles could be: “my meeting with the bishop”, “the day the earth stood still (again)”, “a new dimension of reality check”, and possibly, ” I’m still processing how I feel about all of this”, or maybe I should name this part 1 as I realize I need to write about the past 6 months. 1,095 more words

That drowning feeling

Last week my husband and I had a few hard discussions. Some went well, others did not. I am part of a facebook group for WoPA’s and had asked for advice and support before I talked with my husband. 857 more words

The Elusive Magic of Boundaries

I am a recovering people pleaser and co-dependent woman. My wake up call came during a visit with my husband’s counsellor. He had offered to see me separately and I took him up on it. 494 more words