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The Narcissist: No Contact

It has been three weeks since I contacted The Narcissist. I haven’t looked at pictures, texted, emailed, called, I even listen to audio books instead of music because I don’t want to come across a song that would remind me of him, and I can finally start to feel my self getting better. 316 more words

Abusive Relationship

Abusive Man

You push me to the edge,

over and over.

Do you enjoy seeing me mad?

Losing Control?

Is it the reaction that you want?

You twist my words and contort your face to corrupt any good feeling in the room. 34 more words



Dear Reader,

Today I won’t even apologise for the raw, unbridled anger that courses through my veins!! As some of you may know, I generously allowed my soon to be ex-husband into my home so that he could spend time with our son over the holidays as he lives and work abroad and said that he could not afford a hotel. 600 more words




So much has already been written about crazy making in relationships but today I felt the need to remind myself of it all. My husband and I have been separated for a while but last night he arrived from abroad for a visit. 563 more words


Calm, Confident and In Control

Calm, Confident and in Control, those are not words most victims of a narcissist would use to describe themselves; usually that is the way the narcissist appears while the victim is an emotion train wreck, shaking, sobbing and incoherent. 3,008 more words


Dear Bad Boyfriend,

I love you.  I hate you.

I’m tired of your lies and broken promises.  I’m tired of love letters to wipe my ass on.

I’m tired of your rage and anger.  219 more words


The Narcissist: Good bye to my imaginary soul mate

I have never really gone through a grieving process before.  I lost my grandfather a few years back and don’t get me wrong, I loved my grandfather very much, but he and I were never really close and although his death made me sad and I wished I had spent more time with him, I wasn’t necessarily riddled with grief.  793 more words

Abusive Relationship