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What Is Your Personality Type

Do you know what makes you tick? What your personality type is? Why you feel passionate about some things? Have you been told your are too sensitive your whole life? 2,521 more words


The Hamster Wheels of My Mind

Download: 01-the-windmills-of-your-mind.m4a

Oh, the hamsters have been main lining coffee and running full tilt-a-whirl today! Seems to happen every time I want to get off the merry go round of crazy-making, something else comes a calling with a big, 1,078 more words

ADD Crazy-Making

Brainwashing - Part 2

Ok, so I established that brainwashing exists and is possible, or I hope I did.

Now, before I start I want to add a little bit of a disclaimer. 3,559 more words


Sanity vs. Parental Alienation

“Tampa Family Court Victim” blogger used the term “Twilight Zone” to describe the insanity in how Parental Alienation is treated in the court system.

Every bit of Parental Alienation is insane: 993 more words

Parental Alienation Hurts

Do the work

Wave of confusion. No, its a wave of something else. I have three tests on friday, a meeting in the works, a doctor’s appointment, a court hearing, a rehearsal for a new song, two skillshare courses I’m behind on, all these other immediate issues just hovering above me. 571 more words

Runaway (Part II)

Part II (Part I here)

After arriving at the police station, I remember standing alone in a room the size of an office cubicle, with three men in dark uniforms inspecting me from behind a glass window. 888 more words

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