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Come out, come out, wherever you are $%&@#!

I rummaged through my closet this morning, from one end to the other and back again. Where was that charcoal gray long-sleeved sweater, the one that would work nicely with black leggings and boots on this extra cold day? 220 more words


When You Hear The Truth - You Know It

I was sent the link to a site today and was so impressed with their description of a narcissist I put the link in the sidebar of my blog, but here it is again; … 2,151 more words


How Many Victim's Hide The Truth From Friends and Family?

I may have not touched on this fact yet, but I hid my relationship with my abuser for years.

I had left him and got set up in an apartment and then he would call and I would meet him, he would pour on the charm, be the loving man I had first met and eventually we would be a couple again. 262 more words

Lady Witha Truck

Gaslighting- dangerous psychological manipulation

In my previous post I wrote about the emotionally abusive behavior known as emotional withholding. But now I want to bring up the subject of crazy making, also known as gaslighting. 887 more words

Words have power

I allowed myself a bit of a pity party the other day after I received a small claims court notice in the amount of 15 K last week from LD.   497 more words


Pesky Annoyances

Cowboy: (gnashing of teeth)
Adam: While Cowboy was driving on a country road, his car filled with smoke in just a few seconds, to the point where he could not see out at all. 68 more words


Simple Question

He just sprang the question on me and demanded an immediate answer. I was taken by surprise, yet managed to delay coming up with an answer, as I suspected that he… 395 more words

Predators And Prey