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NSFW: Student Charged After Filming Pornographic Video Oregon State University Library

A former student at Oregon State University was charged after making a pornographic video in the school’s library!

According to Cosmopolitan, the 31-minute video was discovered after it was posted online. 50 more words


Suitcase Filled With Body Parts Found In San Francisco

Yikes!! Yesterday a suitcase filled with body parts was found near Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The New York Daily News reports that the suitcase was found on 11th St. 65 more words


Concord Went Crazy When Facebook Was Down

Both Facebook and Instagram went down for about an hour this week, and some people took it as an emergency!! Certain citizens of Concord, CA, took their panic a little too far. 116 more words


Tom Cruise Had Nicole Kidman's Phone Tapped??

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were together years ago, and now it’s coming out that he went to extremes to keep tabs on her. According to… 143 more words


Woman Finds WHAT In Her Tuna??

GROSS!!! Beware of Princes tuna!!! Zoe Butler of the UK, 28, opened up a can of tuna and spotted something unusual looking back at her!! … 151 more words


Rainn Wilson Watched Matthew McConaughey's Brother Get His Face Smashed In A Bar Fight

Rainn Wilson, former The Office star and lead on Fox’s Backstrom, was the most recent guest onĀ Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show podcast, and the two actors discussed Wilson’s careerĀ for over 90 minutes. 240 more words

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Can You Name Your Baby "Nutella?"

No way!!! I’m all for unique names, but this is too much!!

Not one, but TWO separate couples in France were denied after trying to name their little girls “Nutella.” … 82 more words