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Giudice Family Gets Raided

Federal agents invaded Teresa and Joe Giudice‘s New Jersey mansion this week, “seizing property to satisfy the couple‚Äôs outstanding restitution after they had failed to set-up a payment plan.” … 90 more words


'The Interview' Premiere Gets Cancelled

The Sony hackers have just made a “9/11 scale threat” on theaters that are playing ‘The Interview,’ and now the New York Premiere of the movie has been cancelled. 91 more words

Crazy Stories

Sharon Osbourne Pulls Out Her Own Tooth On The Talk

OMG!!! Sharon Osbourne pulled out her own tooth on The Talk!! According to the New York Daily News, Sharon told the other ladies mid-show “My tooth is falling out.” She said that it’s an implant tooth and then asked “How could I sit here throughout the show? 49 more words


Miley Cyrus Hospitalized

Poor Miley Cyrus!! Cosmopolitan is reporting that Miley was admitted into the hospital after a crazy wrist injury. The singer posted a pic onto… 110 more words


Sons Of Anarchy Star Charged With Killing And Eating Ex Girlfriend's Pet Rabbit

This is probably going to be the weirdest story you’ll hear all day. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor Dimitri Diatchenko was just charged with “killing and cooking his ex-girlfriend’s pet rabbit.” … 100 more words


Best Buy Apologizes For Serial Tweet

Uh oh! Best Buy is under hot water today following a tweet where they joked about a murder. The New York Daily News reports that the tweet was a reference to a murder featured in the show Serial, where a payphone “could have played a key role in the cold-case murder.” 97 more words


Grumpy Cat Makes Owner Millions

Grumpy Cat is a goldmine!! Yahoo reports that the cat has made owner Tabatha Bundesen millions!! Bundesen, 29, was working as a waitress in Arizona when the Grumpy Cat craze took off. 84 more words