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Man Claims Kingdom To Make His Daughter A Princess!

Jeremiah Heaton is going to be getting a great Father’s Day gift! ABC News reports that the man has just claimed an African kingdom so his 7 year old daughter can become a princess! 63 more words


Sandra Bullock Came Face To Face With Stalker - In Her Bedroom!

So scary! TMZ has a copy of the search warrant for Joshua Corbett, Sandra Bullock‘s stalker. The search warrant says that Sandra Bullock came face to face with her stalker when she was in her bedroom!!! 122 more words


Whatever It Takes To Go Home Early

You want to kniw how much selling furniture sucks? I just found out that one of the salesmen here once stopped at a gas station on his way back from lunch, sprayed gasoline on the ground, and then stamped his feet in it so that when he got back he would stink like gas and he’d get sent home. 6 more words

Crazy Stories

New Harry Potter Ride Has A Seven Hour Wait!

How long would YOU wait to go on a theme park ride? Harry Potter fans are flocking to Orlando to experience Universal’s newest ride, called Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. 103 more words


Teenager Charged $300,000 For A Domino's Pizza!

This could be the most expensive pizza order ever! COED.com is reporting that a teenager in England had $300,000 charged to his account after ordering a $30 meal of a large pizza, with drinks and sides. 70 more words


Man Finds A Venomous Snake In A Toilet While At Work!

OMG!! This is craaaazy! An Alabama man found a huge venomous snake in a toilet when he went into the bathroom at work! He called the police, and a very brave police officer took care of it, but not without posing for a photo op! 63 more words


The Fault In Our Stars Set Piece Stolen

Perez Hilton has just learned that the bench from The Fault In Our Stars has been stolen! The bench, located in Amsterdam, is where Shailene Woodley… 93 more words