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Would You Try Thanksgiving Ice Cream??

Would YOU try Thanksgiving ice cream?? An ice cream shop in Portland has created a bunch of seasonal ice cream flavors for Thanksgiving, according to the… 68 more words


Rihanna Lookalike Makes Big Bucks

This girl has made BIG MONEY as a Rihanna lookalike!! The lookalike is 22 year old Andele Lara, a student from Boston, Massachusetts. Yahoo Beauty… 222 more words


NSFW: Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time

OMG!! This is too funny!! Someone posted a YouTube video of three grandmas trying weed for the first time. The video was recorded in Washington, where marijuana has been legalized. 9 more words


Man Robs Subway Because He Didn’t Lose Weight Like Jared. You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Kittie Kaboom and Aruba Tommy Bennett joined guest host Jeff Johnson to breakdown all of the craziest stories in the news.

This week’s list of “what the hell” stories includes a man robbing Subway sandwich shops because he did not lose weight like Jared did, a man surfing a dead wale while sharks ate off of the carcass and a 43-year-old woman who tells police she’s 22 and has age-acceleration disease. 37 more words

Nia Noelle

You Won't Believe What Was Found In This Shipping Box

This is one package I don’t want to receive!! The shipping box contained body parts!! The video report, found via Youtube, explains that the package came from Thailand. 34 more words


Are Monster Energy Drinks 'Satan's Energy Drink'?

According to this lady, they are! There is a viral video on YouTube of a woman telling her interpretations of Monster Energy drinks. The video is about two minutes long, and has acquired about two million views in 24 hours! 118 more words


Rocket Powered Bike Breaks Records

How fast does the fastest bike go? 207 mph!! GizMag.com reports that a French man reached that speed in 4.8 seconds after traveling about 820 feet. 122 more words