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Reckless Passenger Kicked Off Plane En Route To Sacramento

On Sunday, passengers coming to Sacramento had to make an extra stop to drop off a rowdy rider, CBS Sacramento reports. The Southwest flight, originally planned to fly from Chicago to Sacramento, stopped at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska, to “have an unruly passenger removed.” 86 more words


28 People Share Their Most Ridiculous "So, I Was At This Party..." Story

We’ve all been to at least one party that we thought was crazy. I’ll tell you mine. I lived in a house with four other guys, and they loved to throw parties. 4,356 more words

Here we go!

I suppose I should explain this blog. There have been many times when my friends and I have been sitting around telling stories of our crazy, funny, sometimes disgusting experiences as moms, and we say to each other, “We need a blog!” The problem is that some of us would rather not tell these stories outside the comfortable and safe confines of an intimate collection of friends.   226 more words

Luckiest Couple EVER?? Three Lottery Wins In One Month!!

This could be the luckiest couple ever! Calvin and Zatera Spencer of Portsmouth, Virgina, have won the lottery three times in one month, according to… 93 more words


Three Books on My Amazon Wish List

As you probably know by now, I enjoy reading. Here are 3 books on my Amazon Wish List that I hope to get to soon (fyi: I currently have 80+ on my wish list): 639 more words


Movie Producer Reveals Secrets Of Nollywood Actresses

There has been reports by some Nollywood actresses claiming movie producers sexually harass them, demand to sleep with them before they can get roles in their movies. 292 more words

Crazy Stories

Bringing In The New Year

New Years is a time where girls love to dress up and boys love to take advantage of a time of too much alcohol and dresses that are too short. 742 more words