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Small, shiny things

I took this photo a few weeks ago while Sweetie & I were having a campfire and watching the sunset.  Remember the velella?

These are tiny jelly fish that live on the very surface of the water, and they grow a tiny sail of cartilage from their backs and sail wherever the wind takes them. 297 more words


Inanimate objects

Walking through grandparents’ backyard where some renovation work was being done.

Toddler, pointing: “What’s that?”

Mum: “It’s a cement mixer.”

Toddler: “Oh, silly me! I forgot!”


Cory Monteith <3's you

As discussed in the Robin Williams thing, we prefer to wait a decent period of time before posting conversations with famous dead people. It’s been over a year now since Cory Monteith passed, and Sweetie feels comfortable enough now to contribute this conversation we had in the days following Cory’s death: 1,296 more words

Celebrity Ghosts

Crazy talk

Just a little something that popped into my head while staring out to sea.

I prefer to honour these messages.  I think there’s a big temptation to write these things off to imagination.  40 more words

Animal Communication

Woad betide, part the first

July was an odd month for various reasons.

  • I was away at the monastery for a few days of deep silence with six hours of quiet train travel to and from bookending my stay there…
  • 1,449 more words
On The Fly (aka From A Mobile Device)

Demons of regrets

Today I woke up feeling all shades of blue. I just did not feel like getting off my bed but had to as I had previous commitments, so I set off at 6:30am howbeit not in the mood to deal with people in any way, shape or form :( . 674 more words



Eagles  announced they have excused safety Keelan Johnson from Training Camp for an undetermined amount of time.

(Chuckle) “Excused.”

ALLOW me to translate that:

GET THE FUCK OFF THE TEAM! 73 more words