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It's Official

Meet Otto #6.

Also known as my excuse for so-far feeble attempts at blogging.  Sorry, I’ve been sleeping.  Sometimes I have to take a nap during the middle of dinner, from the sheer exhaustion of… 1,360 more words

Crazy Talk

Anxiety Loop.

I often feel that typical depictions/discussions/memes about anxiety scattered throughout the interwebs don’t really match up with my experiences. I am speaking mostly of the types of anxiety-related posts I see on tumblr. 1,028 more words

True Stories

Calm Down, Folks! Captain Janeway Set The Record Straight On That Sun Revolving Around The Earth Fiasco

So do you remember how everyone lost their minds earlier when we found out Kate Mulgrew, AKA Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager, was… 367 more words


Being My Own Boss & The Conversations I Have With Myself

I’d like to take a moment to give my parents a great big fat THANK YOU for homeschooling me, since I’m really seeing the self-starter qualities come out to play with this whole be-my-own-boss thing. 377 more words


Sugar & Spice, But Not So Nice

“This Mexican food is really spicy, all the way from my mouth to my rectum.”

Crazy Talk

the centrifuge

“Imagine trying to live your life while some unknown spirit thrusts you repeatedly into and out of a centrifuge. The centrifuge never stops spinning. Instead, it vacillates between super-rapid spinning and somewhat sluggish spinning. 141 more words

What It Feels Like

the day after

Exhausted. Woke up, let exterminator in to set mouse traps. Medicated. Laid down on sofa. Slept. All day. Feeling balanced once more.

What It Feels Like