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If you have the wealth share it!

Christmas party for the children dying of thirst.

Well the king of that particular african country seems well fed.

Alerts for us on our TV are thick and fast. 52 more words

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Tanks a lot..

Fury is a cracking good war film.
I do know a lot about tanks of the second world war.
Which is why i watched Fury. 184 more words

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When are Mum's going to be back in charge?

More children murdered for learning today.
Well what do you say about that!
What can you say.
Apart from mumble as you shake your head. 100 more words

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Tullips at Christmas

Today I just bought my first tullips of the season. It is insane, crazy and ridicolous. It is not even christmas, so now my biological clock is completly messed up. 113 more words


Hell of a week and it is only Wednesday

I am sitting here, on a Wednesday evening, trying to put into words my feelings about what happened in Sydney this week.

So many emotions. 442 more words

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So your idea is going to change the world...

I have been fortunate to meet a large number of startups in the course of my work, some of whom have truly brilliant ideas.  What often frustrates me is that these visionary founders have stopped at the idea and either quickly developed a prototype/app or spent their time doing nice powerpoint slides to get VCs and angel investors to pour money into what is essentially just an idea, without any evaluation of factors that may impact its success.   949 more words

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Lazy British?

Barely a day goes by without newspapers complaining about foreigners taking British jobs and British companies hiring labour from abroad. A recent report told of building firms employing Polish and Romanian bricklayers because of a shortage of British talent. 180 more words

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