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Planting the Seed

I visit the USA quite a lot and have to say I love the place. The natives may well speak our language in a manner somewhat strange to our English sensibilities and some of their mannerisms can be puzzling to us folk from the old country but that, for me at least, is part of the attraction. 317 more words

Crazy World

1 on 1 w/ Erica Mena: Erica Mena Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused As a Child [VIDEO]

Erica Mena has been one of the major subjects of this week after we got word that she is in fact engaged to Bow Wow. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, we get to learn a little bit more about her background and who she it. 50 more words

How Genuine Street Beggars Raw Get Deal in Nairobi

How Genuine Street Beggars Raw Get Deal in Nairobi.

It came to me one day when I was walking on the streets of Nairobi. I was in accompany of a friend of mine, smartly dressed and a show of high status in our society. 24 more words


Part One of Many - My History

I’m not really one for serious in depth posts about world politics or culture… although its something that’s been a part of my life even before I existed. 939 more words



Now I’m not a big fan of shame. Shame shuts us down and disconnects us. It strangles the loving living breathing energy out of beautiful things. 780 more words

Adding My Voice: Race

I am a white mother. I am raising children who are not white.

In fact, I am raising a transgender daughter of color. So, the idea of having to talk to your child about safety, knowing your child is nearly always in danger from a society which has labeled them ‘Other’ – a danger you can’t control, but simply have to make space for at your table – is familiar to me. 469 more words

Social Issues

Smelly People

I saw a poster the other day which, bearing in mind the name and aims of this blog, I thought quite apposite -
“Common sense is like deodorant. 138 more words

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