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Now I’m not a big fan of shame. Shame shuts us down and disconnects us. It strangles the loving living breathing energy out of beautiful things. 780 more words

Adding My Voice: Race

I am a white mother. I am raising children who are not white.

In fact, I am raising a transgender daughter of color. So, the idea of having to talk to your child about safety, knowing your child is nearly always in danger from a society which has labeled them ‘Other’ – a danger you can’t control, but simply have to make space for at your table – is familiar to me. 469 more words

Social Issues

Smelly People

I saw a poster the other day which, bearing in mind the name and aims of this blog, I thought quite apposite -
“Common sense is like deodorant. 138 more words

Crazy World

Stairwell B

It’s stairwell B and darkness is broken by the bravery of a few.

And the brave few turn into all and stairwell B can breath the air as they fight and feel their way through a sixteen acre broken field of debris and they cry as they have to pass by the bodies of lives taken unfairly away. 22 more words

Crazy World

To Recline or Not?

Last week, two commercial flights were diverted due to air rage arising out of the use of reclining seats. Actually, one of the incidents involved the use of a rather ingenious device to prevent the seat in front from reclining but the issue is still the same. 382 more words

Crazy World

Seasons: Astronomy vs. Australia

Something that really shocked me when I started to live in Australia ~7 years ago was to hear everywhere that seasons start at the beginning… 695 more words


The Old Days

In the old days when you wrote things down, a circus was a circus and a clown was a clown
Talent was a gift propelling a printed face and a printed face sold a circus in the old days when you wrote things down… 95 more words

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