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The World is Effing Insane! That is all...

Ok. I’ve been quiet. But I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna go back to ignoring the hell out of the news! Gunned down in the streets, unarmed? 413 more words


Earlier this week the European Court of Human Rights turned down a compensation claim by 80,000 UK prisoners for the loss of their “right” to vote in the 2009 European elections. 27 more words

Crazy World

Do you really succeed when you mean what you say?

Saumya Swaroop is one of a growing number of students who are side-stepping the Indian system.

“It’s because the system never made any sense to me, to be frank,” she says, “because how can they actually judge the merit of a student on the basis of what happens in a six-hour-long exam?” 224 more words


5 Reasons Why our Girlfriend is More Important over a Guy

Our generation has so much stupidity. With all our craziness, our friends are always there through thick and thin. Sometimes we get blinded especially when a hot guy comes in between. 214 more words

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The "Client is Always Right" Fallacy

Having spent the last few days talking to companies about the status of their business, I seem to be hearing one common refrain on why we need to lower margins to get a sale or to invest more to upgrade products to meet client requests, etc…which is “The Customer is Always Right”. 496 more words

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There’s days that we can’t deal with anything. We become sensitive to many things, as any human being would. Finding ourselves in a position we don’t want to be in. 126 more words

Flight Delay

Nowadays, when booking flights, customers are usually asked to provide both their mobile telephone number and email address so that the airline can then advise of any delays or other problems affecting the flight. 89 more words

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