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A few years ago our government urged us to stop driving petrol driven cars and instead to go for diesel. We were told that diesel is more eco-friendly than petrol, is better for our health, is more efficient, more economical and overall is much better for the planet. 208 more words

Crazy World

“Uncertain, confused, a muddle, a mess
Some short words to describe my state
Can things really be all that bad? oh yes!
I’ve tried, but I just can’t rewrite my fate. 458 more words


The Scorpions pull Vancouver's Jim Vallance into their Crazy World


It’s been a long seven-year wait for Vancouver Scorpions fans, but the dry spell is nearly over. 918 more words


April Fool's Day Silliness

I am not always on the ball with the “small” holidays. Things like St. Patrick’s Day and April Fool’s Day tend to hit me as an afterthought on the day of. 232 more words


Who to blame

Could you blame the past?
For what we have doesn’t last,
Would you be afraid of future?
When we’re old but not mature.

Will what ifs bring you somewhere? 19 more words


No Right to Success

It seems to me that three factors determine the attainment of success; talent, hard work and luck. Of those, the latter is probably the most important for no matter how skilful or hard working you are, if lady luck isn’t on your side then you’re going nowhere. 143 more words

Crazy World

Waste of Time

Earlier this week it was announced that 2.5 million young adults have skills that are not being used because they are either unemployed or they are working in jobs for which they are overqualified. 239 more words

Crazy World