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Bigotry in the Classroom

This week it was established beyond doubt that Birmingham City Council were complicit in the infiltration of the city’s schools by Muslim extremists. At best the councillors simply turned a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence that a substantial number of the city’s schools had been taken over by these fanatics (both school governors and teachers) who were bent on indoctrinating their pupils with bigotry and a hatred of all things western. 378 more words

Crazy World

OhMiBod: crazy world we are living in.

Just found this in my sponsored news feeds in facebook.

You know you’re living in a crazy world, when you see these inventions around you. No need to explain, picture says it all.

Love yourself | Lexington Va Photographer

This old world has gone crazy. It breaks my heart when I read or hear about bullying. We mostly think about teenagers being bullied but sadly it happens to people of all ages. 108 more words


Don't Go Outside!

I’ve been obsessing over my writing these past few months (“Oh, really,” you say, “we haven’t noticed.”) So I made a personal commitment to myself that today I would get up, look around me, and write about something that is a part of my real life community. 342 more words

Choice and Responsibility

Last week a US court ordered a cigarette manufacturing company to pay damages of $23 billion (approx. £14 billion) to a woman following the death of her husband from cigarette related lung cancer. 160 more words

Crazy World

Crazy World is a club that we created to be established in schools. This club will enable students to imagine, create, learn, earn and enjoy. We establish the club in phases; firstly, we start in senior schools.

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