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"you don't have to like her, but you are called to love her"

My personality has been the biggest social, some would argue even criminal, offense I have ever committed. From what I gather, I am polarizing. You love me, or you hate me… I guess those are the only options available. 543 more words


I’m from a Christian background which means repressed anger is just something you have. I try not show emotion anyway. Cause emotion is weakness. I know that sounds crazy just Google (or whatever search engine you use even though Google is clearly the best just because googling something sounds cool unlike binging something which is weird) the 5 on the enneagram then you’ll understand me a little better. 229 more words

Naked Thursdays

When I got divorced I decided it was time to institute a policy that I’d been dreaming about for years.

Naked Thursdays.

For various reasons I wasn’t able to start the policy immediately after the  divorce.   346 more words


Mad Dogs and Ex-pats

Have you ever spent any time in an “exotic” country and noticed how a lot of the expats living there seem a bit odd? (By the way, I say “exotic country” as opposed to “developing country” as the word “developing” doesn’t seem right…I mean, developing into what? 412 more words

Because It Is Hard

The Buffer Zone Dysfunctional Family Survey results are in and the goal is to post one every day or so or three. The main question of our survey was: Without naming names, who is the relative in your family that causes all the drama? 327 more words

Here's the thing...

Dear Gentle Readers,

Here I am again about to rant. Might wanna go now and get some snacks and a drink…all ready? Okay

Here’s the thing. 1,156 more words