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One man and his pig.

One of the most rudimentary facts of life is that all Italians are insane. There is no denying or avoiding this. If you ever meet an Italian who appears to be grasping reality competently, they are either taking part in a clever ruse or lying about their nationality. 738 more words

Not A Soul Will Admit....

“America is just like an insane asylum. There is not a soul in it will admit they are crazy.” – Will Rogers, 28 April 1935…

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The Inside Of my head

Terribly sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because I actually got a life and became a little busy. But I promise, Ill try posting more frequently from now on. 769 more words

I don't have a time for That WHAT thing,

Someone asked me, who am I in love with?. I don’t know how will I answer that is why I have written this.

I have a… 73 more words

Likhang Isip

Easter Schmeaster...

I was too busy not being religious or wanting to get fat to realise it was Easter this weekend. Ate 5 mini eggs at my parents when we went for lunch yesterday, pretty good effort considering they had a bowl of about 60 on the go…. 33 more words

Fat Loss

Thirteen Movie Quote

This had to be one of the BIGGEST moments of disrespect in FILM HISTORY! This girl uttered these words to her mother!!!!!!! To all of those who have seen Thirteen…ya’ll know what I’m talking about!