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WTF is wrong with me?

I guess that is a rhetorical question.

I am currently pleasantly numb on vodka and unable to make good decisions.

I texted my pup (he came over on Monday to apologise for Saturday night and then on Monday too .. 52 more words


What's acceptable online?

What’s kind of ironic is that this post was started days ago and recent events have just added further incentive to finish it.

When I wonder what’s appropriate online, my first thought is whether or not it’s something that I would say to someone’s face.    389 more words


Ultimate brownie, crazy work and self inflicted black eyes.

I haven’t written anything for a while because I was waiting for something interesting to happen. Which is still hasn’t.. mainly because I live in a ridiculously tiny town where nothing happens. 459 more words


Mr Fragmented Genius.

A new challenge. Here’s a completely unedited, roughest of rough drafts (so “rough” that you might even find spelling errors!) of a story unfolding…. Let’s see where we head to… 600 more words


Tragic comedy of being responsible



My dentist man is back from his camping trip with the Marines out in the field.  For my former airman turned sailor, it wasn’t quite as cushy as he would have liked.   1,156 more words



By Paul Cunningham

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about traveling. We were sitting in a bar overlooking the beach in Hawaii, on the top level of Ala Moana mall. 257 more words