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Singapore beset by rising nationalism

The opposition believe the influx of foreigners into Singapore is perceived as a means to bolster the talent pool, designed to deliberately keep the political equation in favour of the ruling PAP. 1,426 more words


Isu Rotan Sana Sini... Ibu Nak Tumpang Sekaki...

Assalammualaikum buat saudara seagama n salam sejahtera buat saudara senegara ku.. firstly nk minta maaf dlu kot2 la klu slot ibu kali di xsebulu dgn sesetgh pihak coz this is my opinion.. 947 more words

Islam Itu Indah

War and Peace- How to apply for the visa, get the right injections and Criminal record check for the TaLK programme and still be sane at the end of it

It’s been 3 months since I last mustered the energy to write a blog post. However due to the highly successful Twitter and Facebook campaign, #DanMustBlog, I am happy to announce its return and it will now be updated at least once a week (Which will hopefully have better titles than this one). 1,165 more words

South Korea

Marathon in Training: Week 2 Summary (+ Rant)

This past week has not been very kind to me. My car overheated and broke down in the middle of the highway, I had two teeth extracted in preparation for dental implants, and my phone’s battery is fried. 691 more words

Columbus Running Company

Is There An Echo Around Here?

Simply amazing to read in the Lazy C from one of America’s wealthiest individuals, Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments;

He advocated for embracing the non-urban nature of Southwest Washington, and… 267 more words

Clark County Issues

Aww gee, 3 eggs, but no eaglets for eagle pair Derek and Savannah

Well darn, eagles Derek and Savannah at the Carolina Raptor Center had three eggs this year, but we have gone well beyond the normal incubation time frame and none of the eggs have hatched.  94 more words

Bald Eagle

First steps with ESOS, 11 months and counting

First steps for clients prior to engaging an assessor.  What is the role of the Lead Assessor? How does the chosen route influence cost and outcomes of the process? 969 more words