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Pumpkin Cookies

So, I am not the type that likes pumpkin pie. Weird right? I like other pumpkin things, like these cookies, but not pie. My husband is the same way. 376 more words


Sweet Potato Cake with Marshmallow Topping

Around this time of the year everyone is talking about sweet potatoes, even Ellen DeGeneres. Last week she proclaimed on her show that the brown potato with the orange flesh is in fact a yam, and the white potato with golden brown skin is a sweet potato. 624 more words


Summer Lemon Hummingbird Cake with Grape Compote Filling

Say hello to Carrot Cake’s friend, Hummingbird Cake :) (version two as a matter of fact, after the wintery version one)

It was the first thing I baked when I got home for the holidays; being in a kitchen not too small and not too big was incredible! 432 more words


Pumpkin Bars

I love this time of year, pumpkin EVERYTHING, in any form. It’s so wonderful in everything you put it in, how can we only use it (in a social/seasonally acceptable fashion) only two months out of the year? 681 more words


PumPecApple Pie Cake - The Baking Challenge - The Finale!

The baking challenge has finally come to an end, I have now made all of the below, and its time to put this little baby together. 129 more words

Love My Family

Red Velvet Cupcakes

It was a long long time ago. I was probably 13 or 14 at the time; I picked up a magazine and as I browsed through it, I found a page showcasing these majestic looking red beauties with their luscious white frosting against a black background. 752 more words

The Foodscape

PumPecApple Pie Cake Challenge......the beginning...

Howdy, yep I have accepted a challenge during this busy season and for those of you who know me, I cannot pass up on a baking or cooking challenge of any sort! 370 more words

Cooking With Love