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Sketchy Sunday: Where's the cream filling?

This week’s Sketchy Sunday asks: Where’s the cream filling?  Remember that commercial?  (Again, apologies for the blue lines.)


Sponge Cake with Caramelised Apple filling

I like this time of year with apples being plentiful and the weather turning chillier. I wanted to make a cake for my lovely friend Amy, soon-mum-to-be, something for her to indulge on a cold autumn’s evening.  307 more words

Baking Sweet

Coffee-Glazed Doughnuts with Bourbon Cream Filling

There’s a lot of ways to get frustrated (believe me, I’ve tried most of them).  But being a connoisseur of things that tend to make you want to shout/throw appliances out of multiple-story windows, I think I’ve managed to settle on the king; the single most irritating and bone-shakingly frustrating thing I can conceive: 1,207 more words