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Top 5 Baby Sunscreens For Indian Kids

We have often heard that while stepping out of the house on a hot summer day, always apply sunscreen lotion. So does that mean that we need not use it in winters? 501 more words

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Pumpkin Pie Drinks

Jack-o’lanterns are as traditional in our home at Halloween as candy and costumes. The kids and I sit around on newspaper scooping seeds and guts, drawing designs and then I dutifully do the cutting so that my two kids save their fingers from injury. 1,022 more words


Day 303: When Cream Will Whip Well

Yes, I’m about to prepare a very simple recipe called When Cream Will Whip Well that is in the Creams section of The New Galt Cook Book (1898). 782 more words

Truth behind anti-aging creams

Do wrinkle creams really work? Do they really diminish fine lines? Find out which ingredients work and which just about manage.

Anti-wrinkle creams and fine-line removers are all a rage in the market today. 676 more words

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A little tip to remember...

I’ve never been a huge fan of Anti- ageing and Anti-wrinkle creams,mainly because they are over priced and have no real benefit. I’m not saying they are all bogus but if you want to really prevent wrinkles and look after your skin the best thing you can do is apply a moisturiser every morning with a SPF in and also a eye cream containing a SPF (I love dermalogica), the reason being is the sun causes a lot of damage to the skin, even on a cloudy day the rays are beaming down on you,so by using a moisturiser with a SPF in you are creating a protection layer. 57 more words


Skincare for Autumn

As you may be able to tell, I play around with skincare products quite a bit. I have just recently begun to try out different products, serums, creams, gels, etc. 664 more words