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Wake Up

I wake up a new human being every day. If I choose to.


Conversational Calaveras 5: Dem Bones (Dance & ARTivities)

Today we have the last part of our Conversational Calaveras. I bring you the Skeleton Dance by Super Simple Learning and some ARTivities  to do after dancing skeleton-style. 913 more words


Day 303

I had an idea earlier that I would post this from the red steps in Times Square, but couldn’t make the wifi work!
Inspiration today mostly garnered from our visit to the 9/11 memorial. 9 more words


The Writing World

I consider writing a big part of my life. I come from a family of creative people, so naturally I gravitate towards anything that involves expressing myself. 281 more words


The Power of Impermanence

If there’s one thing that will always hold a special place in my heart, its sidewalk chalk. I can’t really explain why. I have little to know recollection of using it as a child, yet it feels innate. 352 more words

Not seeing is not a proof of non-existence

The only statement of people who deny the existence of angels is; “we do not see angels; how can we believe something that we do not see?” However, this statement does not only mean the denial of angels but many other things along with it. 645 more words


Healthy meals for tired people. And lazy people. And people new to cooking.

If I were to choose one thing that was central to my life, it would be food. My husband and I will stay in the kitchen for hours on a Saturday, cooking and eating. 990 more words