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Let it flow with Ease

My best pieces, though far between and seldom are always those that require no excessive thought. When things flow willingly, I find that I create something that not only am I pleased with, but that I am also proud of. 97 more words


- Charles Dickens

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.


Sunday Doodles - Exodus 3:8

Today I enjoyed a little peaceful time in my studio, ignoring deadlines for a bit, playing with my watercolors on the design I had drawn as a coloring page for today’s church service. 58 more words


Mexican Milagros

If there is one thing I just love about Mexican culture it is their arts and crafts, their sense of colour and the whimsical way they use it. 231 more words

Our Chrismas Decorations

¬†Yes it’s been a month since Christmas but I am finally posting our decorations!

We went a simple silver and gold theme this year and I loved it! 36 more words

Space Needle Ornaments

This is our second Christmas in Seattle, so I’d thought we’d give some Seattle to the east coasters. I’ve really loved working with the wood burning tool and thought that ornaments would be a cute gift. 57 more words


My brother has been extremely interested in cooking lately. He has even talked about culinary school and working in a kitchen. I never know what to get him for Christmas, so this year I decided to go with spices! 52 more words