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Tonight's art journal

Not much, but didn’t want to keep the writing on these pages visible. Don’t even remember what it was anymore, just know it was pretty vulnerable so I covered over it (left was written yesterday, right was written just before I colored over it). 176 more words


Day 297

One of the things I’ve learnt today, my birthday is day 297 of the year! It’s been a fab day, and I’m revelling in the freedom to make my own creative rules! 78 more words


Fashion and Textiles

Our final week of part one of the foundation course was Fashion & Textiles in which our project title was Macro Evolution. To begin with we had to decide upon a synopsis based in the far future whereby something extremely dramatic has happened, causing the entire planet to call for help. 435 more words

Call It Supper: Pumpkin-Butterscotch and Chocolate Graham Trifle

We don’t usually write semi-homemade recipes on Call It Supper, but this one came from my grandmother and we all know that grandmothers have the best recipes. 295 more words


The Foundation of Video

The first time I heard the word foundation was when I read the story of the house that was build on the sand. When the storm came, the house was washed away. 556 more words


The Absurdity of Coincidence

In this proof, we will provide examples regarding the universe not being a result of coincidences and expose the absurdity behind the phrase, “the universe formed by coincidence” in this way: 1,587 more words


*Kaylee's Dance Head Shots* by Brandee Leafty Photography, portrait photographer

Isn’t Kaylee absolutely stunning? I think so too. I had so much fun photographing her. She let me go all out with my creativity and I am over the moon with the photographs I was able to create!! Thanks Kaylee :)

Brandee Leafty Photography