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Find Yourself

People forget that we can basically be whoever we want to be in life. You don’t have to be a specific way in order to be part of this world. 589 more words


Creative writing, a weekend's relaxation..

Chapter I. The Writer.

You are a writer.

You write, because you like writing not because you have to.

You are a writer.

As a writer, you create your own story, every day and every week. 175 more words


Day 326

Photography and knitting and letter writing and Christmas preparations. Busy day. But good. Not entirely what I planned, good moments all the same.

Walking as the night touched the day.


A Fashionable Toy Story

I got 99 problems and a Rubik’s cube ain’t one of them. The other 99 haven’t happened yet and probably never will.

So I just have to Lego and Let God!

True Demand?

The idea of central planners “is that they try to create demand where none exists.  That is to say they make unearned money and undeserved credit available to people who are unable to pay it back. ” -Bill Bonner


“Inspire” Time to Brighten the Day

“Inspire” Time to Brighten the Day

The blogging challenge today was for the prefix “in”. The first thing that came to mind was inspire. I think it was there in my brain this morning, because I was reading other blogs and the gifts that people can give you from them was awesome. 404 more words

Home Business

Custom Monster Truck Quilt

 Here are a few photos of my most recent custom quilt. I used HST’s for the quilt top and I love how crisp the chevrons turned out. 19 more words