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A dream and a song

The end of the 4th chapter, where Rhoda gets a first glimps of her past


“Leave me! Don’t you know who I am? My father will inflict on you such a punishment that you will regret it until your last day!” Rhoda shouted with rage. 315 more words


Some meditation

The begining of the 4th chapter


Rhoda reclined on her bed and looked out of the window, at the blooming jasmine bush, when she had thought about it she discovered that she wasn’t really tired, but she needed to try and understand who and what she is. 276 more words


the thursday post critiques-story of this week is-up-in-etherealpaints-wordpress-com

I have posted the Thursday post critiques in etherealpaints.wordpress.com – a flash fiction is there- please tell me if it is acceptable as flash fiction or not! 28 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

"The Lotus of Fire" in kindle, createspace

Thanks Teagan for telling me about createspace, it is amazing!

Now why I love createspace?

I by mistake clicked their paid service and a lady named Laura contacted me, without creating a single fuss (when I told her that I dont have any money) she gave me a list of links that I followed and here is my book! 206 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

New cover and blurb for "The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock"

Hi, everyone!

As some of you may know, back in June, I released my first novel, called The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock in ebook form on all major ebook retailers. 533 more words


A story from the past

And so, we get to the third chapter, and finish it as well..


“As you know, your majesty, God has given King Solomon wisdom that no man before him was given. 830 more words


Petals of Fire Lotus in pothi.com

Well, finally took the plunge and am absolutely curious to see how many hearts I win. :)

The Lotus of Fire is up in kindle too, here: 93 more words

Sharmishtha (Trisha) Basu