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Welcome to Creating True Bliss

This is the story of my life and all the things I love. The intent of this blog is to be a place for people to come to be inspired. 128 more words


Standing on ceremony.

It was my mother’s birthday dinner last night. We have a tradition at sofacasa with the Nans: each person gets to have a dinner party to celebrate the day they were born. 412 more words

Life & Love

Making amends with George Lucas

A few weeks ago I wrote about our disappointing response from LucasFilms on account of Jeremy’s fan letter. (Link here.) On account of one sentence mentioning a story idea… 450 more words

Creating Memories

TBT: January 2007

Just look at these two. Jeremy was three and Jackson was seven months. There are many things I miss about that that time – the sweetness, the discovery, the giggles. 478 more words

Creating Memories

Hello, 36.

My birthday came ’round while in Santa Fe. It’s the one day of the year when Facebook is really lovely. For all of it’s annoying-ness, more than a hundred birthday well wishes on FB put a big smile on my face and my heart swelled with gratitude. 290 more words

Creating Memories

Three days in Santa Fe

When I said I was going to Amarillo, that wasn’t a lie. I flew into Amarillo on Wednesday and left Amarillo on Sunday, but in between Wednesday and Sunday, Michele and I were in Santa Fe. 263 more words

Creating Memories

Multi-tasking Moutain Mamma

We pass a truck that is loaded with fly fishing window stickers and has the classic fly rod holder perched perfectly on their SUV roof. I’ve got my own kind of stickers- the kind the bank gives my kids and I later find plastered on my car windows. 1,928 more words