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When I haven’t been talking to Jeremy¬†about abortion, Monica Lewinsky, or what it means to give the middle finger, I’ve super busy with lots of creative and exciting projects. 324 more words

Creating Memories

8 Reasons why letting your kids watch movies is a good idea

This post is not meant to bring controversy. I am an avid believer in doing what works for you. This is one of those things that works for me and I’m going to tell you why… 978 more words

Creating Memories

Now is the time

I firmly believe this. I refuse to delay ‘living’ any longer.

NOW is the time to create happiness, to create memories, to be joyful and thankful. 95 more words

Keeping It Real

TBT: The first race

Running The Middle Half with Lesli was special, not only because it was held in the city where we met, but also because I credit her with getting me into running races. 71 more words

Creating Memories

Photos from Corey and Gwen's wedding

The primary reason we went to Washington DC last month was so that I could stand next to my oldest, dearest friend at her wedding. Since I was busy holding a bouquet and all, I couldn’t take my own photos. 31 more words

Creating Memories

Medal No. 12 and Race Report

The odds were not in my favor. I’d not trained as well as I should have and whatever is spawning in East Tennessee right now invaded my sinuses with a massive army. 987 more words

Creating Memories

Throwback Thursday: Baby Major

Our blue tick will be two years old in December and he’s topped out at 75 pounds. He’s turned into a fabulous running buddy and is fiercely loyal to our¬†family. 92 more words

Creating Memories