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Creative intimacy

Sharing your ideas, even before you’ve fully grasped them, may actually help your work. Has there ever been a solitary “genius”?


The Relationship between Creator and Creation

It is a God given wish of all humans to create, yes, I mean each and every one of us. Why? Because it is a reflection of you; we all wish to leave a mark, part of you ends inside that creation. 632 more words

About The Book


This past weekend I was able to be apart of our church’s first ever creative worship service. Artisans and craftsmen displayed their work, musicians sang and played, and I read an excerpt from my book (which is now in rewrite stage). 606 more words

Writing - 4

finding more patterns in seemingly un-associated subjects, discovering connections, creating poems

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Creating A Meaningful Residence by Decoration Themes

Hi All! Hope you are having a great week! Can you think it is Hump Day already?
Just wanted to let you know that I am more than at SAS Interiors today talking about Producing a Meaningful Home.  35 more words

Creating The Most Of Your Historic Home by Interior Home Design

Most of us would agree that historic houses are fascinating. It’s impressive, isn’t it, the way that doorways have been shorter, hallways narrower, and rooms themselves had been all close to smaller “back then.” It is one particular issue to stroll via a historical house and think about daily … if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words


It has now been several years since I started my first website. In the beginning, I bet big. Hired an expert, who is also a good friend today, to build me a nice website, with my own design. 433 more words