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Adventures at the Missouri Home Educators Expo


There’s no event more incredible than a gathering of homeschool moms and students. So many happy respectful people. Finding an unsocial homeschool student is as hard as it is to find a sociable public schooled student. 1,020 more words

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Science is Only a Tool – Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
SCIENCE IS A TOOL. Sweeping statements by scientists concerning what happened in the past should never be confused with facts because the former are always based on limited knowledge. 548 more words


Some thoughts on the film, Noah

I have not gone to see the “amazing” film Noah because I don’t wish to waste my time and money, on something which is clearly not only not biblically accurate, but is blatantly anti-biblical.  700 more words


Doing a school assignment last night, I stumbled upon another response I had from a friend of mine. We didn’t always agree (especially on big topics, like abortion, creation, etc.) but, after reading my two-part series on extinction (which you can read…

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"Historical science" is a bad argument

The debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham that took place awhile ago brought to light an issue I’ve dealt with in my exchanges with creationists that I’d like to tackle with this post: observational science vs historical science. 1,032 more words

No, though that one picture shows what looks like a majestic bird . . . it is actually a flower. Amazing, isn’t it? The flowers are called “Birds of Paradise”.

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