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I have been running into some amazing videos lately and thought I’d share them so you to can see the wonder of our universe.

Creation Science

ICR Totally Mangles the Purpose & Significance of Pasteur's Experiments

ICR didn’t invent science-ignorance–but they surely do their best to keep it alive!

When it comes to science, it is hard to beat ICR (Institute for Creation Research) for defiant ignorance.   828 more words

What about heaven?

Consider this part II of Problems with a literal Adam and Eve, which I posted shortly before Thanksgiving. In it, I detailed the scientific problems that come with a lot of biblical claims surrounding the creation of man. 980 more words

What to do, kids, if you find an atheist

This is a post from January 2009 that I wrote on an old blog of mine before Mindful Digressions — one that is totally out of circulation. 668 more words


Some Recommended Reading

I have followed Panda’s Thumb for a long time now. For those of you not familiar with it, this site is front and center to the fight against creationism pseudoscience. 103 more words

Recently, I was wondering about the Tree of Life. I had learned a long time ago that God kept man from the Tree of Life, after sin, because He did not want man to live forever with his sin.

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Creation Science

Who Am I?

Since social media sites hit cyberspace I have occasionally joined groups and contributed to discussions, but after a rather interesting participation in one particular group, I realised that people are often not what they claim to be. 3,223 more words