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The Rhamphorhynchus glided silently over the still waters. He had spotted something earlier from his high circle and had dropped lower to bet a grab at it.

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Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun and it can take up to two human lives just to make one “Neptune year”. Unlike the small difference between Venus and Earth, the orbit of Neptune takes almost twice that of Uranus.

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A entire new light has been spread on Leviathan and how it relates to water-dwelling reptiles!

Leviathan vs. Kronosaurus

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A little information on the above picture: I combined a picture of the dinosaur, pterosaurs and crocodile to the top of a lion covering its face with its paw.

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This video is pretty amazing. I am totally convinced that these videos wouldn’t be nearly as cool without the music. The avalanche was a part I had to watch over and over again!

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Creation Viewpoint Heavily Censored - Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
Censorship is a word which evokes a strong response because it conflicts with our inherent sense of fairness. Each year, the humanist organization, … 582 more words


Where is the wonder?

This question is often leveled at atheists by believers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally heard these arguments. The claim is that once you take God out of the equation, what happens to beauty? 687 more words