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In the forests of South America, there is a creature that has evaded the public for hundreds of years. This creature, a member of the raccoon family, has been called the olinguito, and is the first carnivorous mammal species to be found in the Americas since 1978.

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Creation Science

Conversations with Creation Scientists

(paraphrased for brevity and clarity)

Me: Intelligent Design Theory only proposes that terrestrial life, and the universe in general, show evidence of… intelligent design.

Creation Scientist: Well, if that’s all it is, then all Creationists are IDr’s! 167 more words


My Creation Adventure - Part 2 of 2

Continuing where we left off…

So after realizing that I did not have the key to get into the van I went back inside the museum to go get the key from Mom. 707 more words



Hi all! Willow’s back today, continuing her blog on the concepts introduced in the movie, God’s Not Dead. For the start of the series, go here… 1,602 more words

With the last post on bad numbers I promised that I would put the huge (that word doesn’t really describe it does it?) number into a better perspective.

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Creation Science

Awhile back, it was brought to my attention that a man named Sir Fred Hoyle (name sounds familiar but just can’t put my finger on it) and a world-famous mathematician, Chandra Wickramasinghe, worked out how long it would take for “chance” to make a cell.

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Creation Science

The truth about our creation and the effect on our future - Part 1

The greatest mystery of all times is where did we come from? The bible claims that the world is 5784 years old. Scientists, on the other hand, claim that the world is much older than that, and it is over 4.5 Million years old. 206 more words