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Yesterday, right outside our house, a little bird fell out of his nest and landed in some nearby nap weed. The poor guy was just perched there with his mouth wide open, probably starving.

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Creation Science
Every day passes,
with new creatures being born,
but only with His bidding.
Every night a new animal awakens,
to the songs of the nocturnal,
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Creation Science

Grand Canyon Mystery Solved? - Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
One of the most distinctive rock layers in the Grand Canyon is a formation known as the redwall limestone which extends from Las Vegas in Nevada through Arizona, Colorado, and into New Mexico. 646 more words


The Skeleton in Doug Phillips's Closet Is Now in the Creation Museum. Literally.

By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

In case you missed the news, the Creation Museum — labor of love par excellence of Ken Ham and… 1,624 more words


The most important source in the evolution/creation debate: Peer-reviewed evidence of speciation

In the evolution/creation “debate” (it’s not much of a debate if you ask me) a common fallacious talking point among creationists/intelligent design advocates is that no one has ever observed one species turning into another species, a process called speciation. 235 more words


Creation Science Conclusions are not Observable or Testable

One of the objections against evolutionists by young-earth creationists is that their conclusions aren’t observable or duplicable. A common response to evolutionary claims is: “Were you there?” This is meant to dismiss the claim because no one was there to see it happen. 797 more words