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For the Beauty of the Earth

by Carol Clark

Is it my imagination, or has this been one of the most beautiful fall seasons ever in northwest Ohio?  We’ve had nearly four weeks of gorgeous color in trees, shrubs, and grasses. 223 more words


Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

The answer is simple.  No!

There is a tremendous amount of “scientific” non-testable philosophy and assumptions that are part of the “theory” of Evolution. Sadly, the majority of the scientific world promotes their philosophy and assumptions (not to mention baseless guesses and speculation) as science when it isn’t science at all. 155 more words


Keeping it Green

Who is responsible for maintaining God’s good creation? Why, we are friends.

Genesis 1:26-28 reads this way:

26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.

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Creation/Birth Spell

Put a baby inside of me,
Make it as strong and healthy as a tree,
It all starts out as one small seed,
Plant that creation inside of me. 122 more words


Noticing, Day 30: colors

Today I noticed how the morning came: splendid in salmon and gold with gauzy purple trimmings. And I wondered if people would consider purple and gold the colors of royalty if the sun had come and gone in shades of forest green and mud-brown from time immemorial. 6 more words

Noticing 31

Feminine 2: A Drawing

Feminine 2 is my continuation of the appreciation of the Female form. As an artist, there is just something pleasing about creating the roundness of curves. 118 more words