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The Orchestrated Day

Each morning as we awake little do we know what the Lord has tucked into our day and how it will play out. This day began like others the only difference in being the last day of our Classical Conversations community meeting for this year. 526 more words


Day Ninety-One: Happy People

Pretty sure Le Novio’s neighbor is watching Ellen right now while simultaneously singing Pharrell’s song “Happy” at the top of his lungs (that makes day three, he sounds like a dying squirrel). 210 more words


Earth Day And The Christian

Some Christians I know shy away from being involved with anything that’s even remotely related to Earth Day. They tell me that Earth Day seems too “earthy” or even “worldly” for them. 216 more words

Accessing Our Sacred Inner Gifts – Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

This is one of my aforementioned backed-up articles that I initially thought about not posting, but I feel like those of you out there who resonate with the channeled material discussed will appreciate this article. 1,047 more words

Spiritual News

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F resh, sweet gift

R eady-to-eat fast food

U se as a pick-me-up

I gnore shelves filled with toxic “food”

T ake only what our Mother provides


Sky Filter

I was studying at uni recently and as I looked out the window I noticed the bottom window was normal but the window above had a filter that made the sky appear pink/purple so I wanted to recreate something to that effect but with much more interesting scenery.