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Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be

We all know that society tries to limit us in many areas of our lives; what we wear, who we are, who we hang around, what music we like, what hobbies we’re into… but many people forget that we are society and we do not have to follow any of the rules it tries to set for us. 166 more words

wet white chalk

the light of our eyes screamed like crickets in the night
creatures cross-eyed at the sky

wondered why god tried to blow itself away
a dandelion behind what face? 46 more words

Summer games

We are enjoying a spell of warm weather, the school holidays are starting and there’s a general feeling of life easing down for the summer. 54 more words

The Wider World

Try Again

Try again
another day
renewed resolve
let failure be stepping stones
lessons on what not to do

When does determination
become hard-headedness?
Knowing when to try again… 14 more words


What Color is Your Parachute - Story 1

As suggested by my uncle, I picked up a copy of the award-winning novel What Color is Your Parachute to help figure out what it is exactly I want for my life. 535 more words


Reason # 2



Reason #2 is this picture. It’s the sun rising at the beach in Duck, North Carolina. How can you look at this and say that it was caused by a collision of particles billions of years ago? 10 more words


Cathedral Bridge

Portland, Oregon

Cathedral Park

I felt the cool dew of the thick green grass below my feet as I closed my eyes humming that same song, over and over, stuck in my head for years. 1,139 more words