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Scrapbook #4

1. I love what groups like Gungor, All Sons & Daughters and Rend Collective are doing with music. It’s different. It’s beautiful.

2. One of my cheap thrills is discovering a new song that I absolutely love. 240 more words


Free-floating Guilt

My guilt list is absurd:
being vegetarian and wanting meat,
finding most social gatherings boring,
not wanting to help someone I’ve already helped too much. 50 more words



Something to say, nightmares, slowly creeping sideways, the sounds of drowning, she travels into it searching for an exit but here the images are endless and confusing, tangled in nonsense, metallic in taste, rotten to their demented core. 387 more words

Short Story

Brahma 3 - A Poem

He has a single head, that moves with grace,

The way he works, would leave one in amaze.

His mere mention has let human imagination ablaze. 115 more words

3d Printer

Video Evensong 25.7.14, St. James the Apostle

Beware of them, for they will hand you over to councils and flog you in their synagogues; and you will be dragged before governors and kings because of me. 2,275 more words

Jesus Christ

A Thorn in a Lions Foot: My Return Trip Around the Sun

Last weekend I was stung by a bee. Granted it may have been because of the spray of water coming from a garden hose frightened it and so it had to seek revenge on the alleged attacker but needless to say, it shocked the heck out of me! 548 more words