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Moving into full "FLIGHT" mode

Many of you at this time may be experiencing various expansions with regard to the human life experience, from expanding and collapsing “time” to downloading through the “dreamtime” platform, all is moving and expanding in order that you may now exit the old 3d earth created constructs and move into the New Earth frequency realities. 581 more words


The Big Bang And Darwinism: Metaphysical Taoism Resurrected

This essay is an excerpt from the much longer revision of Taoist Creation Theory and examines the relevance of the scientific Big Bang Theory of Creation and Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to the continued impact of Metaphysical Taoism in the modern world. 13,467 more words


Yes, I'm Sure

How often we say
something with
absolute authority
certain we are right.

Life became much easier
when I learned to quit
having opinions.


Creative Writing

A song rises early from the birds outside my window. Little blue jays with puffy chests whistle a tune that welcomes a new day that brings new life. 802 more words


3 Things

#1. Human Traffickinghttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/fight-human-trafficking-in-the-dominican-start-an-undiluted-journey/

Human trafficking is estimated to be the second largest criminal enterprise in the modern world.

This modern slavery is legal no where, yet practiced everywhere– and exists in many forms.

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Recipe for partnerships

Six people got around a table today, from 5 different organizations, with 5 different methodologies, mandates, talent pools, and resources…and we worked out a plan, a project and the beginnings of a communications strategy. 122 more words

What I Care About

How to Stay on Budget With a Home Renovation

Giving your home a makeover is one of the most satisfying things you can do. There’s nothing like starting with a vision of what your house could become, working hard to make it happen, and then seeing the results right in front of your eyes. 166 more words