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Teaching Creationism Alongside Evolution in Public Schools: Unavoidable or Unconstitutional?


This week, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the appeal of an Ohio school teacher who was fired for promoting creationist theory. The ruling gave new life to an ongoing argument over whether or not creationism should be taught in public schools. 493 more words

Duquesne University

Viva Denial

Those who deny evolution
shouldn’t be allowed to breed
if they believe
themselves to be above
and beyond
other animals
that they are somehow
outside that kingdom… 98 more words


Ebola Mutations & Creationists

In the hysteria over ebola I keep hearing the word “mutation”. I’ve theorized that the media uses this word to scare viewers (and for that, they should be ashamed). 236 more words


Do Young Earth Creationists Advocate Appearance of Age?

Young Earth Creationists (hereafter YEC or YECs) sometimes make the claim that the reason the universe is found to be so ancient by modern science is because it merely appears to be that old. 1,163 more words


October 20, 1790 (a Wednesday)

On this date, the Scottish fruit-grower Patrick Matthew was born. He is notable for having proposed the principle of natural selection as a mechanism of evolution over a quarter-century earlier than did Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. 694 more words


20 Times Creationism Was About Gay Marriage

Ken Ham is a favorite punching bag of mine. The perpetual victim, he loves playing sleazy word games (observational science anyone?) to undermine established science and the positions of others. 556 more words

Answers In Genesis

Creation: In the Beginning, Part 2 (Onward Christian Soldiers #54)


TEXT: Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

During part 1 of this lesson, we learned about the creation of the universe. 425 more words