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TAM 2014 - Bill Nye - Keynote Talk

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) gives the Keynote talk and lets us in on his preparation for the “Ham on Nye” Creation Museum debate that took place in February 2014 in Kentucky. 263 more words


The real message of Genesis ...

My suspicions have always nagged: Does the creation-evolution brawl miss the point? Let’s chill.  Let’s listen to the message of Genesis 1-3, conveyed through an ancient form of literature with profound implications. 31 more words

#1 - Why is there logic?

This is a question is probably one you haven’t thought about. Why are laws of logic, like ‘If P is true, then P cannot be false’  417 more words


Noah's Flood

We wanted to bring to your attention a great series of videos (4) on the topic of Noah’s Flood and how the “millions of years” that evolutionists claim to be the age of earth is washed totally away by the catastrophic global effects of the Flood.   37 more words


Creationism v. Evolution

Why has evolution enslaved the hearts and intellects in society? Why does the scientific community can call evolution, science when they cannot produce any valid evidence? 663 more words


Flooded with Ignorance - Out of Time


#6 – No Evidence of Time Passage Between Layers

Believing that the universe is only six thousand years old is like believing that the distance from New York to San Fransicso is a mere 7.8 yards. 820 more words