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Noah: a Movie Review

Last week I went to see Noah. I liked it so much that I will do something I rarely do—watch it again on the big screen. 902 more words


What's up at the Centre for Unintelligent Design?

T. rex had arms too short to carry food to its mouth. Intelligent design?

Is the AIDS virus intelligently designed? Casey Luskin, Program Officer of the DiscoveryInstitute’s… 1,143 more words


Creationist Cosmos

The legendary science series Cosmos was recently recreated.  It premiered on network television a few weeks ago, and in my opinion it has not failed to live up to the standards of its predecessor.  297 more words


Creationism: Good or Bad for Christianity

For months I’ve been mulling over the Bill Nye and Ken Ham ‘debate’1 and wondering whether or not Christianity specifically, or Theism more broadly, has actually been helped by these debates? 1,364 more words


The Origin of Life: Evolution’s Achilles' Heel?

This morning I was watching a video on the Creation Today website featuring an old college acquaintance, Ben Schettler. Ben is the President of… 1,920 more words


Faith - A Higher Form of Math

If you remember your school days, (and it’s getting harder and harder for me, lol!) you might remember making the transition from standard math to algebra or trigonometry.  578 more words