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Examining Paley's Watchmaker

William Paley published the following in 1802: “In crossing a heath, suppose I pitched my foot against a stone, and were asked how the stone came to be there; I might possibly answer, that, for anything I knew to the contrary, it had lain there forever: nor would it perhaps be very easy to show the absurdity of this answer. 1,087 more words

My conversation with a creationist. Humans move in mysterious ways.

“Okay, let me see if I understand you correctly. You believe that an invisible, unconfirmed higher power exists, called God, and he created us and the following ;- 219 more words

Where is Christopher Hitchens when you need him?

Not that long ago today, I read an article in the NYT about the age old battle between Darwinism and Creationism (I don’t even like to credit this theory with an actual capital letter ), and whilst I feel for the professor and the task at hand, I don’t understand the need for  a class in Biology to argue the validity of its own subject matter by giving credence to a non-argument. 311 more words


Creation Ministries International shakes my "faith" in Darwinism

I stumbled across this delightful article from Creation Ministries International, where David Catchpoole PhD, talks about how Christians should love non-believers in spite of how foolish we are. 384 more words

Giroux, H. & Simon, R. (1989). Popular culture as a pedagogy of pleasure and meaning. Popular culture, schooling, and everyday life, 1-29. Retrieved from http://skillscenter.greenwood.

How knowledge is produced, exchanged and may be mediated, re-presented or refused in favour of a dominant sociocultural ideology or doctrine, e.g., evolutionary science education in favour of creationism, a faith-based, cultural alternative, has been the focal point of my studies and a passion for many years. 1,445 more words


The Creation Account: a display of God as supremely loving and triumphant

In most theological circles that hold scripture in high regard, the common hermeneutical refrain is often that of ‘Let the Bible interpret the Bible’. While this is in fact a wonderful rule of thumb, far too often in practice, we can digress into a plain reading hermeneutic based primarily on Prima Facie. 2,355 more words