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One-Liner Wednesday -- The Scopes Trial

Today’s One-LIner Wednesday comes from the recorded transcript of the Scopes Trial, which took place in a Dayton, Tennessee courtroom in July of 1925. 169 more words


Schools Can’t Solve Terrorism

Did you see the story? IMHO, one of the scariest aspects of the murders at Charlie Hebdo was the support given to the shooters by dissident French schoolchildren. 561 more words


Creationist Ken Ham Asks if ETs and UFOs are Real

How does one look at the universe from a Christian point of view? Does the Bible allow for a literal interpretation yet still posit the idea that intelligent life might be out there? 128 more words


Atheism and Eternity: Some Final Thoughts

In the previous post I made a claim about the nature of our origins.  Often this claim is not well received in the public discussion—by Christians or Atheists.  855 more words


Creationism in Scotland's schools; our petition makes progress

This morning, the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament held its third and final hearing on the Scottish Secular Society’s Petition PE01530. The meeting is archived… 1,085 more words


The Wide Wide World of Creationist Sports

When pro athletes start to fight, the officials intervene. What happens when pro sportscasters start to fight about creation and evolution? ESPN has had to silence at least one commentator… 362 more words