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October 24, 2014 Resources: Implications of Inerrancy; Buy A Kindle; Should I Make My Kids Read the Bible?

Dr. Kevin Bauder has been writing a helpful series on biblical inerrancy related to some current issues surrounding the topic. In the latest post, he makes an incredibly practical connection between biblical inerrancy and the debate regarding origins. 240 more words


Really Recommended Posts 10/24/14- Reconciling in Christ, Walking Dead, and more!

Hello friends! I have another set of links for you to peruse. As always, let me know what you think of the links and if you enjoyed them, leave a comment on those blogs! 404 more words


There are signs everywhere..

Verily there are in the creation of sky and the earth, and the alternance of day and night, clear signs for those who are intelligent. (3:190) 47 more words


Why Do You Believe in a Man in the Sky for Which There is No Evidence?

This is a question often asked by Atheists who don’t understand why believers believe in God and in Christ.

To them, there seems to be no rational reason why a believer would believe. 282 more words


Creationism is Wrong, Trust Us

So sayeth those opposed to Creationism, the belief that an all-powerful God created the universe and all that we see and perceive in the physical or even spiritual world.   884 more words