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Story time

It’s been said, in order to become a good writer, you’ve gotta read a lot.

“So where to start?” you ask while muttering under your breath “Dear God, please don’t say ‘War and Peace'” As people have usually started it three times at least, and it’s rare for them to ever finish it. 270 more words


Back To School

I’m writing this quickly and before my next class. Hopefully, it fills you in enough until I can write to you again. 

The smell of Axe and Vanilla body spray fill another lecture room. 297 more words


Short: "Ouroboros"

Writing Prompt Response

Time is a flat circle. When you die, you are reborn as yourself to live the same life over and over again. This applies to everything in the universe, and the universe itself.

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Creative Writing

Bleach Babe

If you’re looking to shake up your wardrobe without buying anything new, then bleaching is a quick and easy way to do do just that! All you need is some bleach (obviously), water, and some form of spray bottle. 182 more words


Autumnal Silence is for sale.

Buy it here:

Autumnal Silence

Of course you could just steal the image, but then a terrible curse would befall you and that wouldn’t be kosher.



Hi all, I’ve been pretty quiet of late as I have had my birthday. I have also done my first craft fair and it wasn’t as I had hoped but then I wasn’t the only one who felt disappointed. 116 more words