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The reason why I lock myself up in this room
is because there is blood
all over the walls
that I drew¬†from my past… 19 more words


Natasha Wong - Silent Sound

It is so interesting to look on photographs from different creative people. You recognize every artist has her/his own style, own ideas, own techniques.

Today we want to show you some photographs taken by the young 19-year-old photographer Natasha Wong who lives currently in New York City. 205 more words


Goodnight and Let It Go

Austin and I fought after I got off work because he was suppose to get some work done, but did nothing. He currently doesn’t have a job until he completes his drug counselling. 341 more words


OMG! I had a playful day!

Today I’ve been playing! I’ve hosted a hen craft afternoon and it’s been wonderful! If this is the job I can do and get paid to do it then I think I’ve found that job I love so I will never have to work another day! Wanted to share the positivity!


The Tough Choice

Yesterday I mentioned that I was bored with my boyfriend and that I wanted something else. The guy I’m attracted to-for some god forsaken reason-is currently irritating the shit out of me. 360 more words


Just Maybe, It's Maybe

I wrote this post a few days ago, but was too afraid to post it. Too afraid, that someone would read it and take it the wrong way. 231 more words


In-Image Ads Can Now Be Programmatic, Too

GumGum, a company that offers ads appearing inside Web images, is partnering with Xaxis to sell its unusual inventory programmatically. Indeed, whether one is talking about TV, online video, display or mobile advertising, the marketing world is moving toward more automated buying and selling. 84 more words

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