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A Series of Relieving Events


            As a worried student awaits the results of a test she didn’t study for at the back of the room. Another chases the earliest train possible as her alarm clock didn’t go off. 347 more words


The Consequences of Incongruently Placed Things

The girl’s eyes snap open. She lets herself revel in the surrounding darkness, feeling its caress against her being. But darkness doesn’t stay for long; it flees as light creeps into her mind. 503 more words


I have nominated your blog as one of my blog- sunshine blog award & versatile blog award

Thank you. I’m humbled beyond belief. It is a real pleasure reading your blog and nominating me. You put a smile on my face to with the Sunshine Award. 53 more words

About Me

One of those moments....

As a writer, my mind is alight with countless ideas. There are infinite paths my stories can take. It can be paralyzing. It’s like I’m playing chess against an unknown force and I’m over-analyzing everything in order to find that perfect move. 263 more words



// Pencil + ink + black felt tip pen //

I hope you like it

xx Danielle