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Let's Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight - Queirra Fenderson

Queirra Fenderson (pronounced KEY-AIR-AHHH) is a marketing guru.

She’s done it all – lead social media campaigns, directed annual budgets, developed app UX, boosted CTR and dominated thousands of other tasks with jaw-dropping success, intensity and passion. 1,803 more words


Poplars on paper

At the same time as I started the last painting (Autumn Poplars), I also started one on paper. This one is not quite finished but here are some progress photos. 35 more words


The Rahmet II

The Rahmet II is an android that is delivered by Bob to Ryan. Look what happens to the unsuspecting Jack. And do you even care? 84 more words

Muslim School

The Final Answer

So, it’s official. I will not be moving to Florida. It’s kind of sad knowing that I will be alone, but I’m looking forward to moving on with my life. 86 more words


Google Realtor: Google

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe
Art Director: Bruno Guimarães
Copywriter: Malu Lara
Published: January 2013

TV Spot

Creativity and Data: Can’t We Just Be Friends?


Marketing automation could be the link between creativity and our dependence on data with its ability to match creative assets to the right channel at the right time. 74 more words