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Inspired by your idea of the human metamorphosis, I explored the physical appearance of women, specifically black women! Going natural is a process that not only takes a great deal of patience, but it also challenges one’s self confidence, will power, dedication.

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The Writer's Eye


The concept for this new series, SHE, quietly and convincingly parallels the healing journey I have undertaken in the last year. And as I began to search for my own truths in this life, I contemplated curiously how the journey might look from other creative being’s eyes. 157 more words


Simple Stir Up of a Child's Imagination. Simply Stick & Draw!

This idea was inspired mainly by my Grace-filled friend as she always has a case of pencils/colour pencils, small pieces of papers and the magic ingredient for this post- STICKERS at hand where ever she goes. 261 more words


Fancybread - One of a kind Sculpture , approx 7" tall/posable

I loved the first movie, “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” starring Gene Wilder. At one point in the storyline he quotes the words “Where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head? 61 more words

And Crafts. Oh My!

Microwave Popcorn maker in progress

This one has a different knob- I did that on purpose. ;-)
I cleaned up the decorative steam holes all up after I took these. I am hoping the patron I am doing this for likes them. Fingers crossed.


Got Tape?

Art comes in many forms. Sometimes technology walks hand-in-hand with mediums, transforming simple space into something wild and crazy — and creative.

A wonderfully imaginative design collective called… 165 more words

Seraphina by Rhonda Whitledge/ Cover of Art Doll May - June 2014

Rhonda Whitledge here. This is a little sample of the work I do, which includes Art Dolls like Seraphina. With this blog I plan to share my various creations which include things from full sized art dolls, figurines, whimsical whatsits and jewelry pendants. 18 more words

And Crafts. Oh My!