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In Class Performances: Representing Ophelia

So last week myself and the rest of my class were given a task, to create a performance which represented Ophelia in any way we wanted. 209 more words


Tools for pottery

This is a rib a more traditional tool for pottery. Used for shaping pots (and saving them from a terrible case of the wobbly rims. hehe) 79 more words

Graphic Design

Design is not what you see with your eyes; it’s what your imagination sees.

Phantom Marketing Consultancy


Throw back: ShotGoblets

Some of my older ShotGoblets.
I would throw them in one piece I assure you don’t do that. Trimming is a pain in the ass.



Writer / Biter's Block

Writer’s Block
My Sore Cock
God I need some clean air
I need to untangle her hair
from my chest
and step into the shower… 210 more words

Progress Projects

A lid is not going to fit on this Microwave Popcorn Maker…# potterproblems again.

…Luckily, I had a rib and was able to re-shape and fix it. 24 more words

A Force of Nature- Art

One of the fun parts about writing a blog is that you can write about anything you want!

I keep an on going list of topics as they occur to me. 660 more words

Creating Art