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This Week in Review

Here’s my to-do list for the week. Bolded items were completed.

- Write seven blog posts. I not only wrote a post daily but I have Quotation Wednesday booked with quotes through mid-March. 341 more words


Designs in Process Friday

This week, let’s start by releasing names. It’s much easier to say Drusilla, sample 2 than design 11, sample 2! For simplicity I will list all by letter. 377 more words


A Moment Of Overwhelm

It’s freezing here! I hope it’s warm where you are. It’s -18′C/0′F! Winter has definitely arrived. All I want to do is huddle under a warm blanket. 504 more words


Running a Costuming Business

Over the last few years I had a few people asking me about doing costuming as a business – and since in the last 3 months I have had several graduates and future entrepreneurs ask me the very same questions again and again, I have decided to deal with them  in one place – so that everybody who thinks of operating a business can benefit. 2,760 more words


November 16-22 Weekly Plans

I did something a little different this week.

Last week, I wrote my list in a notebook then typed it here. But I didn’t really refer to either again until the end of the week. 241 more words


Weekly Review

It’s been a bad fibro week. I think I’ve spent more time in bed than out most of the week. The medications we were adjusting left me fatigued, dizzy and off balance. 332 more words


Design Process Friday

There’s not much new to share this week I’m afraid. It’s been a very hard week with my fibromyalgia. It seems as soon as I start feeling better I wake up three times worse the next day. 159 more words