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A Thought for Thursday: Children Need to Know We Value Their Ideas

This article of mine originally appeared in Creativity Portal in November 2010.

Children Need to Know We Value Their Ideas 721 more words

Preschool Music

A Pre-Schooler's Guide to Creative Living

Would you like to meet a true individual? Let me introduce you. . .

Her name is Lyla, and she is a singer. If she making her own introductions, she would say that very thing: “I’m Lyla, and I’m a singer!” She is only three (well, nearly four), but she knows precisely who she is and what she loves. 395 more words

Bright Ideas

My New Book's Introduction

In our society, it seems that when people think of a gifted child, they primarily think that person is a high-achiever. They look for characteristics such as: good manners, a respect for authority, a desire to please his/her teachers, know the answers, do his/her homework, and strive for straight A grades. 635 more words